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Asking the Better Question

In the last few months, I’ve lost 14 pounds. Many people have asked how. The how is easy to answer.

There’s an app. Keeps track of my calories, when I enter them. Gives me credit for the exercise I do. The how is what everyone tells you reduce calories, eat better, move more.

For me there are better questions, how did you sustain weight loss? What keeps you motivated?

For years, I’ve pushed hard, exercised to excess, tried vegetarian, then I would get a sinus infection or a cold or something would interfere and get me off track.

What’s the difference today, this time?

The bigger picture is different.

I discovered something, I can be happy. I’ve been happy. Happy is movement. Happy is enjoying the moment. Truly being present.

Happy might be transitory. For me, there will be days that I eat more calories than I’m allotted. Days when I don’t want to exercise.

For almost three months now I’ve managed the good days and the bad days. The feeling of exhaustion when I’ve driven too much or too far. The days when I’m emotionally drained from work.

I remember that I can be happy. Not for someone else. Not based on some else’s presence or absence.

I can feel happy and content.

I acknowledge that other people’s choices are not my own. My job is stressful. My brain can shift from being present for other people’s problems to being present for my life. A life outside of clients’ problems. A life that is my own.

The answer to the question: “how have I lost weight?” is this. I discovered that I feel better. And a means to get there. I accept that I can change. I make a decision every day to take steps toward happy.


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