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Take Action

Feeling down about Todd Gurley’s suspension? Want to take action that won’t land you in jail? Feeling helpless to have an impact on the situation? Fed up with the treatment of student-athletes in general?

Focus your attention on the NCAA. This organization creates the rules that govern college athlete’s behavior.

It would be easy to focus attention on the opportunist who now claims to have paid Gurley. He’s not the only problem. Looking at the bigger picture, the NCAA rules create opportunities for vultures to swoop in to exploit these young people.

Let the NCAA know how you feel. You, as the patrons of their service, have power. How do you get a multimillion dollar non-profit organization to change policy? Many, many patrons have to voice their opinions and make the organization listen. Congress and the President have no direct authority over this organization. The public as a whole can create change.

While I was unable to locate an email address, the contact information on their website includes phone numbers. Tell the NCAA what you think about destroying a player’s chances at a Heisman Trophy over $400. Tell them what you think about a corporation profiting off the hard work and talent of collegiate athletes without compensating those individuals for it at a fair market rate. How do we know the market? Look at the fees paid by television for the rights. Look at the salaries.

Unknown If you believe it’s time for the NCAA to change the illogical policy preventing college athletes from receiving compensation for hard work, direct your attention to the organization that makes the rules, the organization that creates policies that cause college athletic departments to protect the team over the individual, the draconian organization that strikes fear into the hearts of college sports fans. Do you want to fight the arbitrary suspension of student athletes at the most inopportune time? Go to the organization called the NCAA.

Contacting The NCAA

National Office

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888

Eligibility Center

For students and parents with eligibility questions:

NCAA Eligibility Center
877/262-1492 (toll free)

NCAA President Mark Emmert reportedly earned $1.7 million during 2012-2013. Todd Gurley at this point is alleged to have taken $400. (That’s not been proven but for comparison sake.)

Call on your friends-even the fans of rival teams. Gurley is just latest to fall victim to this injustice. All of college sports fans should be invested in the proposition that athletes should be fairly compensated. Make the call. Write a letter. Track down an email. Stop complaining and start doing!


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July 27, 2011: Random News

NFL Lockout is over, former UGA players get calls, murder suspect with lengthy juvenile history, school dropouts, remember Jesse Owens, speaking up in representative government, and ATF guns to drugs dealers.

Good luck, Go Dawgs! Former UGA players get calls about free agency. As one young man put, “basically, I’m still trying out.” Yep. We’re all still trying out every day of the week. Good luck.

Too little funding, too little interest. This young man’s story is not uncommon. Juveniles are the most overlooked aspect of society. We don’t fund treatment for kids, we don’t properly fund schools, we don’t properly fund medicaid, we don’t properly fund the Department of Juvenile Justice, kids with big problems result. The deputy should not have died. Could someone or something have changed this child’s outcome?

Exploring School Dropouts and the Cause. NPR is running a series on School Dropouts. Children who live in chaos have no vote about the chaos. They cannot focus on school because their short lives are in a constant state of fruit-basket turnover.

Remembering Jesse Owens at the Berlin Games. What a great accomplishment! Jesse Owens.

Speak up! Whatever your politics. Apparently, people did speak up. 40,000 calls per hour! Let Congress know how you feel. One day of complaints is NOT enough. Unfortunately, my Congressman is a single minded dolt who listens to know one. But you all have hope! Keep calling.

Tough choices, complicated results. While I don’t envy the choices that the ATF must make in dealing with the drug war on the Southern Border of the U.S. One must wonder about the wisdom this particular choice.

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#1 as Double Edged Sword

Apparently, the University of Georgia Football players aspire to another #1 ranking: most arrests in one year, most suspensions and discharges from the team. They’ve made a good start. Friday night/Saturday morning began the newest round of aspiring mug shot possessors. 

Less than 24 hours after being declared the #1 football team in the coach’s poll, the football team of my alma mater decided to lose more players. How many arrests does it take for people to learn that they should stay away from alcohol. Alcohol makes people stupid. The young men have a reputation to repair, nevermind upholding some utopian standard.

Someone should order them, as a condition of their scholarships to stay away from parties, bars, and masses of drunk people (except at games where the drunk people are held at bay). By and large alcohol plays a leading role in ALL of the suspensions, discharges and arrests for these guys. 

They have their education paid for, at least most of them do, and they are expected to uphold a higher standard. They’re failing. I’m not sure how to fix this. Perhaps someone should explain to these bright guys what happened to Odell Thurman or the Florida State Criminoles who managed to get themselves arrested and moved out of first place.

The bad apples, because many players are staying out of trouble, are embarrassing the rest of the University and the alumni, NOT JUST THEMSELVES. GROW UP. Nothing good happens after 11 p.m. Go home, go to bed, study your play book, read a book, heaven forbid-study.


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The Case for Dismissing Humphrey

The University of Georgia’s Mens Basketball Team dismissed Billy Humphrey one of the stars of UGA’s cinderella SEC championship this season. Early Tuesday morning Humphrey earned a DUI charge. But this is not Humphrey’s first encounter with law enforcement. This arrest is his third in 18 months. Dennis Felton mastermind of the miraculous cinderella championship announced Humphrey’s dismissal today. 

According the ajc.com, Humphrey reportedly said “Please. Please. Please. I am begging you not do this. You’ll ruin my career.” Funny, Mr. Humphrey is the one who is under 21, drinking alcohol, driving and carrying an open container alcohol in his backpack. The POLICE did nothing wrong. The Police didn’t do this to Humphrey.

Humphrey did this to himself. Unfortunately Humphrey is a classic example of the problem with some athletes today. He takes no personal responsibility for his acts. Given criminal probation (according to ajc.com) by the courts in November, 2007, Humphrey was again arrested February on alcohol related charges. 

If Humphrey is old enough to plan his career, he’s old enough to take responsibility for his actions. Finally, the NCAA and universities are holding the athletes accountable. Given two second chances and opportunities to change, Humphrey hit his third strike. The problem is Humphrey could already see his name in headlines and lights. He does not understand the responsibility that follows the fame.

Humphrey and his fellow mugshot athletes cast a negative light on the masses of law abiding, excellent college athletes who becomes successful and never have their name listed as “suspect” in a police report.

Thank you, Coach Felton.


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