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Friendly Security Reminder

Christmas 2009 brought the U.S. an unsettling reminder-airline security is not perfect. Unfortunately, the Obama administration fails to acknowledge, at least publicly, the words “terrorist” and “failure” of the security system. This morning, gossip and rumor, indicate that the bomber boarded that airplane without a passport. Seriously?

Mr. Obama’s policy of word parsing like many lawyers annoys and frustrates people who just want a facts and reality. In a courtroom, knit-picking and hair-spliting are perfectly acceptable behavior. Everyone in the courtroom, at least the lead actors, understand that the law is about the finer points of wording and phrasing. In the court of public opinion, however, the administration officials who dodge the use of the words terrorist and failure present as bobbing and weaving. Clearly, these people search for ways to avoid these words and fail to speak plainly.

Plain speech. Regular folks (those without law degrees or bureaucratic longevity) perceive that the administration is covering up something, hiding information and generally just lying to the public.

The Homeland Security Secretary said that the system worked because passengers stopped the attack. The general flying public is not charged with enforcing the laws of the skies. In fact, if the general public tried to enforce laws, they would be investigated and arrested because flight restrictions are so STRICT. The passengers reacted the way humans respond-fight or flight. Thankfully for the remaining passengers, some folks responded by fighting and self-sacrifice. Honestly, if the Obama administration’s view of success is relying on human nature, we’re all really in trouble.


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