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Random News: October 22, 2011

Getting rid of Rupert Murdoch. Turmeric for joint pain. Bears move-in, and don’t move out. Cain’s 9-9-9, why? Qaddafi’s death. Iraqi’s independence from U.S. supervision. Occupy Your City. BP back to Gulf of Mexico.

Put away the Garlic and silver bullets. Stockholders meetings take on a different tone these days. In the Murdochs’ case, the family controls the vote. Rupert Murdoch, to his credit, spoke to the issues at hand and addressed the angry stokeholders. How to get rid of the man? Dump your stock, don’t buy his papers.

Alternative medicine. The myth busters at the NYTimes health blog report turmeric may aid joint pain. All I can say is it has helped me. Check with a doctor.

What’s the draw? Herman Cain offers a new tax plan, 9-9-9: 9%income tax, 9% sales tax, 9% corporate tax. NPR reports this analysis, which now includes 0% income tax for those below the poverty line. Why the fascination with this tax plan? Simplicity. Easy to understand. Easy to apply. Easy to enforce. For people outside the Beltway (and on the out side of the political game), simple, easy and self explanatory will sell more quickly than complicated, complex and jargon laden. Make a note politicos: The businessman talks sense and speaks to the common man. You might learn something.

On Qaddafi’s death. Apparently the UN and the US want an investigation into the death of Qaddafi. Personally, I’m glad that whatever happened to Qaddafi occurred at the hands of his fellow countrymen, i.e. not at the hand of Seal Team 6 or the CIA. This story won’t be piled onto the U.S. bonfire burning in the Middle East.

Be careful what you demand. Obama ordered the pull out of ALL U.S. troops from Iraq once negotiations fell apart. Iraq is happy about this. Here’s hoping the U.S. didn’t create an impossible situation for the Iraqis.

Space invaders? Humans invaded space previously occupied by wildlife in North Georgia. Now, the wildlife maybe moving back into the neighborhood. Here’s hoping it’s not a bear-eat-human world.

Occupy Movement Meeting Resistance? After weeks of reportedly peaceful protests, the Occupy movement may meet resistance in Oakland. NPR reports that the protesters defied an order to abandon their post. How to handle the protest? This question puzzles cities all over the country. Wondering how it will unfold.

BP returns to the Gulf. British Petroleum is cleared to return to search for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps a safety regulator could participate as well.



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Random News: September 15, 2011

How are those corporate tax incentives working out for ya? Gray Whale Behavior. Identifying New Dolphin Species. Interesting interview. The Fonz honored.

Thank you for the tax break, time for layoffs. A corporation that benefitted from Georgia’s corporate tax incentives to recruit business and jobs, announced layoffs following the corporation approval by the federal agency governing its business. Anyone else feel duped?

Nature continues to Surprise Scientists. Gray whale crosses ocean, shocks scientists. Whale migration is just fascinating.

New species of dolphins identified. Nature is just so very interesting.

Interesting Actor. I listened to this interview on “Fresh Air” yesterday. Will Arnett is an interesting guy. Don’t know that I’ll watch the show. But he was interesting.

Honors for a Cool Dude. Henry Winkler received honors from the Queen.

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Ain’t FDR’s New Deal, Nope Georgia’s Deal…

Where to begin? The Honorable Nathan Deal continues to make Georgia look like a 19th century fiefdom instead of a 21st century modern government.

Deal has excluded a news  station from his offices for reporting negatively on the governor. To his horror, they asked QUESTIONS about how money was spent. The answer summarized by former opponents in their paper.

After being served with subpoenas from the ethics office, Deal just slashes the budget, eliminates a job in the division and forces out the director in charge of investigating his office. Now that’s efficiency! No ethics inquiry AND save the state money. What have we been thinking with all this ethics garbage. Really!

Perish the thought that Deal might use some introspection and consider his ethics after canning the ethics leader. No, Governor Deal accepted “Diamond” perk from Delta after signing a $30 million tax break for Delta.

Wow! It’s good to be King…I mean governor.


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Random News; June 6, 2011

Oh, Dear Lord, save us!!!!!!!!

Do these people vote? Palin’s idiot fan club works to revise history! Dear Heavenly Days. Someone save us from these morons! Revere!

Pay your taxes. At least file your taxes. Wesley Snipes loses his appeal.  Must say I hate paying taxes. Would love to know how much the appeal cost.

Caffeine. What have you done? Today, we’re being warned about the legal vice that’s doesn’t carry a special tax. Somebody’s taking all the fun out this existence, I think.

Newest innovation…Malware for Mac. Beware! Some wonderful creative person has chosen to burden Mac users with the worry we previously avoided, Malware. Hmm…Wonder what horrible fate awaits them in hell.

The sprouts did it? Such fun the hunt for E.coli first it was the Spanish cucumbers, now it’s the German sprouts. I’m ok with that. I dislike sprouts.

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At what point, priorities?

Amidst all the cut-back/bankruptcy talk, across the board government cutbacks may begin to bite back. District Attorneys, local prosecutors of crimes, discuss cutting back the pursuit of certain crimes. Public outrage at the mention of relieving such duties, even lesser misdemeanors, caused on District Attorney to cut his salary, instead.

How long, then, will government continue to treat all agencies equally? At least on locality that called on citizens to reduce water usage due to drought is now planning to raise water rates. Government officials need to find the areas where cuts or amputations can be made. What services are necessary? Law enforcement. But also jails, the court, prosecutors, public defenders. Utilities? Water, yes. Leisure services? No. Not really.

Reelection be damned. The economic crisis needs realistic cuts to government. Not protection of pet projects or further tax increases.

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Whose Money is it Anyway?

With all the discussion of bailouts, Congress treats the US budget like a slush fund of money available to accommodate every whim. From whince does this slush fund spring? Or whose money is it anyway?

Unfortunately, the advent of payroll tax deduction automatically distanced many Americans from that percentage of their paycheck that is automatically sent to the Government. That tax money that people never see and consider already gone by the time their check comes is literally out of sight and off their minds. The number workers look at is net pay. Therein lies the problem.

The payroll tax once electronically transferred to the Government becomes a part of the US Federal Budget. Congress passes a budget each year. This budget usually is not balanced and our greatgrandchildren will be paying for that. (Another topic for another time).

What’s new then? BAILOUTS. Private US companies, traded on the stock market, selling products in the American commerce stream now seek OUR money through handouts from the government. Now, we as US consumers make choices about how to spend the money we bring home. The products offered by these U.S. businesses can be purchased by some but as it turns out rarely are. Why would the government give away the money it takes from us to bailout, float and otherwise keep in business companies that WE as consumers will not support with our discretionary income?

After the “hearings” this week, Congress maybe strategizing on “loaning” OUR money to the private US businesses for the short term, perhaps until March 2009. This plan is seriously ill-informed. Congress seeks to place a bandaid on the deep self-inflicted stab wound suffered by the US businesses. These businesses made choices, persisted with other bad choices, and now they want the people who won’t buy their products to loan them money. Seriously?

Congress needs to shift their focus from “chicken little” to a more staid, introspective approach. Congress should focus on speaking with economists and financial planners who have a rational reasonable approach to the economy. The American people and American businesses took a while to get the economy to this point. Congress CANNOT fix the problem overnight or over Christmas. The economy will sort itself out. Businesses shutter every day. Small businesses discover that their product or service is not needed or desired and the business closes. These decisions are guided by the market. Automakers haven’t paid attention to the market for years and now expect those who fuel the market, taxpayers, to rescue them. Congress, in their egocentric, reelectionphilic bubble, work desperately to do what looks right instead of evaluating the situation and making an informed choice. Whose money is it anyway?

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Proverbial Gloves are Off

Finally, the 2008 Election is getting interesting. A month before Labor Day and McCain has called Obama on the carpet for being a “rockstar,” Obama now whines about the low blow, McCain replies by notifying the world that Obama “played the race card.” Sweet.

Can’t wait to see who draws the first real injury. Although it may actually be McCain, the hourly polls conducted by everyone with an abacus seem to indicate that whatever McCain is doing is working. McCain’s pulling closer to even.

Funny, no one paid attention to the literate, staid ads highlighting the dry and boring distinctions between McCain and Obama. Now that the campaigns have moved to the no-holes-barred competition-people are paying attention. That’s why UFC and WWE are popular on cable, but PBS is publicly funded.

Unfortunately, the American public seriously needs to grow up and pay attention to the real details of the campaign. Real details do not include what Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Obama are wearing, whether the Obama girls are available for interview. No, the real details are how will each handle the pressing issues: Obama wants to tax profits on companies that provide necessary substances for the lives of Americans; McCain has a multi-million dollar Healthcare plan that will cost us lots of money. What effect will these issues have on the real life of Americans?

Oh, wait, I’m sorry, people really don’t want to think beyond the next commercial break. Nevermind. Enjoy your bloodsport. And we will all get the government we deserve because idiots don’t pay attention to issues, just sensational headlines.

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