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Texas Day Four: Legends and Transit

Saturday morning, we check out of the four-star hotel to head for Austin via Lockhart. After a detour to the Alamo to purchase a t-shirt & hat for John, we depart for Lockhart, Texas-home of Kreuz Barbeque. Kreuz has been in the bbq business since 1900, in this building since 1999. 

Inside signs warn (or brag depending on your perspective) “No sauce, No forks” and other mention no salads and no credit. They don’t mention no sweet tea, but they ain’t got any. The sausage is, for lack of a better phrase, granular and spicy. Not really something that I would recommend. John orders pulled meat with his ribs and brisket. The pull meat was very dry and spicy. John loves his order, I’m not impressed. He would live in Lockhart if given the opportunity. At some point, Scrivener’s Tomb will have a review of the establishments where we ate bbq.

Later, we check into the hotel and go to Stubbs, my choice. The place feels like Athens. John even comments that he keeps expecting that someone he knows will walk in and say hi. The food is good and the sauce is pretty good, too. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and enjoyed it. The meat was alittle dry but tasty. The piece d’resistance-banana pudding. Amazing! (Not to mention an actual green salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing.)

Following dinner we walked around the area of Stubbs and drove to Waterloo Record store. The store had more vinyl in one room than I have seen since the ’80s. (excluding the personal collections of a couple of friends). I tired of searching for music on a medium which I have to access to play.  We sought provisions at Whole Foods. I was in shock. The store was like a Kroger in the northern suburbs of Atlanta WITHOUT the preservatives. 

After driving by the Congress Street Bridge, home to the largest urban bat colony, we decided that we would try Sunday night, just too many people and too dark.


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