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Climate Change doesn’t Change Human Behavior

A friend posted an NPR report that 97% of scientists agree that humans are causing climate change but the non-invested humans disagree with the science. She wanted to know why.

1.) Inconsistency of “science.” Scientists tell us coffee is bad for us one day, coffee is good for us the next week. The same with wine, with prescription medications, etc. They tell us to eat more vegetables and fruits but then warn us of the pesticides in fruits and vegetables. How are we to believe anything when science contradicts itself on a daily basis? Why should we believe?

2.) Sales. The sales pitch is all wrong. Scientists can’t talk “regular human speak.”

3.) In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a society in which each individual is focused solely and exclusively on what’s best for “ME.” We consume not because we really need things or because we have some primal draw to them but because we have NO impulse control. If we can’t stop people from overeating, drinking to excess, indulging in illegal drugs, and sending idiotic text messages of body parts, how in the hell does anyone think the population will join as a community to make decisions to benefit someone beyond their household, beyond their own skin? (Open to suggestions).

4.) Celebrity endorsements. “Do as I say not as I do” won’t work. When celebrities or politicians take up the cause to reduce the human’s carbon footprint, generally those spokespeople continue to use their carbon devouring products at a much higher level than regular folks. Making regular people who don’t jet around the world or travel in caravans of SUVs cynical about the celebrity endorsements.

Change? Living life in a manner consistent with the beliefs you express. Showing people how it works, how easy it is to compost. The benefits of recycling, like a cheaper garbage collection bill because there’s less trash. Teach by example. Isn’t that how we teach children? Oh, wait, that’s another rant!


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Random News: June 7, 2011

News you might have missed.

Local governments going too far? Clayton County, Georgia’s local government had proposed to limit breastfeeding in public. Protests by “lactivists” swayed the local nudity police to drop the age limit. Apparently, the county government proposed limiting the age of a child who could be publicly breastfed. Now, I’m no expect, but breastfeeding has benefits to children. The government seeks to limit the benefits a child might enjoy for some arbitrary, puritanical reason. Individuals continue to have rights in this country, right? If the local government has some objection to how old a child can be to breastfeed, find another way to stop the weirdness.

Now, the breastfeeding controversy put in mind of another much bigger controversy, the proposition to ban circumcision in San Francisco. Another individual proposes to have the government infringe on the religious rights of individuals and the individual rights of parents to make health choices for their sons. In California, any person can propose a change in the law if enough signatures are gathered. Someone gathered 7,700 signatures which then requires the city of San Francisco to expend precious funds on vote that will in all likelihood be found unconstitutional. What happened to individual rights? What happened to choice? 7,700 people can propose to abridge the rights of community members because some crusader disagrees with a medical practice that has valid benefits and religious significance to some.

Will Bank of America pay attention? Friday, a Florida Bank of America branch was subject to foreclosure. Last week, a municipal court in Georgia threatened a Bank of America branch manager with jail time for contempt when the Bank failed to acknowledge ownership of a local eyesore. In Florida, not only did the wronged homeowners show up with a foreclosure order, their attorney closed the bank and began taking property. How can this company which shells out so much money for slick advertisements neglect the communities in which they function? How can this company over look the health, safety and well-being of their employees? Someone in Charlotte, or where ever their headquarter sit now, needs to wake up and smell the coffee. These stories are bad PR.

Jellyfish, reconsidered. Scientists spent time researching this bane of beachgoers’ existence. Very cool!

The Great European E.coli Hunt continues. Update, maybe it’s not the sprouts. Too bad, I dislike sprouts. A needle in a haystack has nothing on finding E.coli. Good luck, Germany!

Explanation of Cellphone-Cancer Link. Just read it. Don’t give up your cellphone. Just don’t live on the cellphone.

Disturbing. Glenn Beck is starting a fee based structure for access to his daily talk show and a higher rate for his web-based television channel. I’m not providing a link. If you want it find it yourself. Ugh!

Healthcare, Military style. Apparently, healthcare is expensive for the military. Oh, wait, it’s expensive for everyone. Why is it that we can’t do a better job of planning for and taking care of those who protected our rights?

Albee’s social commentary. Edward Albee generated some controversy when he essentially said don’t limit my work by labeling me. I enjoyed the interview. Highly recommend that you listen to it or read it.

Get ’em while they’re on sale.WalMart cuts price of iPhone 4, until July 1.

Be thankful for freedom. 47 doctors and nurses who treated protesters in Bahrain stand trial for aiding the protest. These people accused of treating patients are being tried for aiding a revolt. I just don’t want to comprehend this.

Ah, geez! The Royal silliness continues, Kate Middleton’s dress will be displayed at Buckingham Palace along with a replica cake. What next?



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Coffee is In (scientifically)

Just read a report touting the health benefits of about 3 cups of coffee per day. Thank goodness, Coffee is good for me again. My doctor won’t discourage it. And not only does coffee provide that boost in the morning, it will also fight off Alzheimer’s disease. Yippee!

See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7326839.stm

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