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Parental Responsibility

Parents jailed in school truancy crackdown

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A DeKalb County crackdown on school truancy has begun with the jailing of nine parents.

The parents were arrested Tuesday and appeared in jail uniforms Wednesday morning before Chief Recorders Court Judge R. Joy Walker to have bonds set.

Solicitor General Robert James said Tuesday’s sweep by representatives of his office, the district attorney, sheriff’s office and county police began as an effort to arrest 59 people who have not complied with earlier orders to get their children to school regularly or to participate in diversion programs.

“If children are not in school, teachers cannot teach,” James said.

Parents can be charged with educational neglect when a child has more than five unexcused absences in a school year. James said his office offers a diversion program for parents of children who exceed the limit and typically does not take a parent to court until there are at least 12 unexcused absences.

He said most of the parents who now face arrest have children who have missed 40 to 50 days of school.

James recently offered parents facing educational neglect charges two “amnesty days” to meet with authorities and avoid arrest. He said 39 parents responded to that offer.

Someone expects parents to take responsibility for their children. The HORROR! What next? Being required to talk to the children, too. 



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Hot Celebrity Accessory: Mugshot

No wonder children and teenagers fail to understand why following the rules and staying out of trouble will benefit them.

Over the weekend, three NFL players joined the new trend. Although, Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts wasn’t arrested, Harrison is under investigation in a shooting outside a Philadelphia establishment that he owns. Cedric Benson of the Bears was stopped while driving a boat. Michael Boley, Atlanta Falcons, allegedly beat up his wife.

The media hype around Brittany Spears’ custody hearing that hasn’t happened yet is disgusting. The Brittany hiatus is over. Lindsey Lohan complains about the use of her mugshot in an ad.

The media only minimally covered Keifer Sutherland’s admission to DUI and his voluntary incarceration. Sutherland took responsibility for his actions and has hopefully gotten some treatment. Also, good news from LSU, the football team kicked their quarterback off the team for failing to comply with team rules.

When the media and the public treat investigation, arrest and incarceration like a badge of honor and do NOT shun people who fail to take responsibility for their actions and glorify the criminal activity, children and teenagers learn negative lessons and society will suffer. Parents should use these opportunities to teach children right from wrong, good from bad. But, it’s just easier to sit kids in front of the t.v., computer or video game and ignore them. So, soon their children will inexplicably (to the parents) obtain the new celebrity accessory. And the parents won’t understand how THEIR child could have been arrested.

Update: 05/08/08

Please add to accessory bearers–Gary Dourdan, CSI (the original) star and now saddled with drug possession charges. Also, Joe Hamilton, former Ga Tech QB and now former Ga Tech football staff member, was arrested for DUI and drug possession and left his job with Ga Tech yesterday.

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Great example: Parenting a Teenager

Solemn kudos for parents of a South Carolina teenager who reported to police that their teenage son received a significant amount of explosive material and that their son had other startling material in his room. These parents sought not only to spare their son a horrible death but also other children in the community.

How did these heroes accomplish this great feat? By being parents to their son. These parents obviously undertake the task of parenting in a traditional sense, not the modern view of being friends with a teenager in hopes that the child will confide in the parent and find the parent “cool”. These parents loved their son enough to investigate his behavior and to hold him accountable.

Thank you for being a good example.

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