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Take Action

Feeling down about Todd Gurley’s suspension? Want to take action that won’t land you in jail? Feeling helpless to have an impact on the situation? Fed up with the treatment of student-athletes in general?

Focus your attention on the NCAA. This organization creates the rules that govern college athlete’s behavior.

It would be easy to focus attention on the opportunist who now claims to have paid Gurley. He’s not the only problem. Looking at the bigger picture, the NCAA rules create opportunities for vultures to swoop in to exploit these young people.

Let the NCAA know how you feel. You, as the patrons of their service, have power. How do you get a multimillion dollar non-profit organization to change policy? Many, many patrons have to voice their opinions and make the organization listen. Congress and the President have no direct authority over this organization. The public as a whole can create change.

While I was unable to locate an email address, the contact information on their website includes phone numbers. Tell the NCAA what you think about destroying a player’s chances at a Heisman Trophy over $400. Tell them what you think about a corporation profiting off the hard work and talent of collegiate athletes without compensating those individuals for it at a fair market rate. How do we know the market? Look at the fees paid by television for the rights. Look at the salaries.

Unknown If you believe it’s time for the NCAA to change the illogical policy preventing college athletes from receiving compensation for hard work, direct your attention to the organization that makes the rules, the organization that creates policies that cause college athletic departments to protect the team over the individual, the draconian organization that strikes fear into the hearts of college sports fans. Do you want to fight the arbitrary suspension of student athletes at the most inopportune time? Go to the organization called the NCAA.

Contacting The NCAA

National Office

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888

Eligibility Center

For students and parents with eligibility questions:

NCAA Eligibility Center
877/262-1492 (toll free)

NCAA President Mark Emmert reportedly earned $1.7 million during 2012-2013. Todd Gurley at this point is alleged to have taken $400. (That’s not been proven but for comparison sake.)

Call on your friends-even the fans of rival teams. Gurley is just latest to fall victim to this injustice. All of college sports fans should be invested in the proposition that athletes should be fairly compensated. Make the call. Write a letter. Track down an email. Stop complaining and start doing!


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Random News; January 24, 2012

NCAA Disparate Treatment. Rushdie, still? Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Danielsville?

NCAA Outrage. Joe Nocera of the N Y Times writes about a college basketball player suspended because his mother took a plane ticket and then may have accepted money from family friends to support Christmas. So let me get this straight, Cameron Newton’s father can accept a large check to steer his son to a school without repercussions to the son or the school, BUT a single mother of four accepting a plane ticket and help from family friends is suspect. It’s time for the people who buy tickets and donate money to stand up to this outrageous behavior. This young man, it looks like, did not accept any of this assistance and he is being punished by an arbitrary and capricious bureaucracy which chews up hope and dreams in the name of “justice.” Shame on you, NCAA!

Long memory. Salman Rushdie’s appearance by video at a Literary Festival in India has been cancelled due to protests and threats of violence by Muslims. Rushdie cancelled his scheduled live appearance due to death threats. While I understand that “Satanic Verses” had some very offensive chapters, the rest of it was incomprehensible. No one would have read the book, least of all me, if Ayatollah Khomeini had not issued the fatwa for Rushdie’s execution. It’s been more than 20 years. Stop talking about, you’re only making him more “famous.”

Careful what you Occupy. Occupy Wall Street Protesters traveling to the King Memorial in Atlanta, passed through Danielsville, Georgia yesterday. Apparently, someone felt “harassed” and called the police. Two protesters were arrested when they failed to provide identification. Really? Yes, folks, really. Fortunately, the judge released them. Hopefully, those charges will just go away. They should.

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Random News. May 31, 2011

Random news that I find interesting this morning. Perhaps you will too.

Education Choices or Business Decisions? Apparently, winning awards takes priority for schools over the actual education of children. In Gainesville, students claim to the AJC that the schools transferred without consent or pressured students to transfer to increase graduation rates. The Georgia Supreme Court overturned the laws about charter schools and public schools transfer students from one school to another to improve numbers. Are public schools a good investment of our tax money? Should we continue to employ people who worry more about the bottomline than the actual education of students?

“Liar, Liar, Vest on Fire!” (Michigan Billboard Highlighted in AJC) Jim Tressel finally resigned. Was there any doubt he would be gone? Tressel highlights the negative aspects of NCAA football. He looked the other way when student athletes exchanged their player ephemera for benefits. He failed to report this violation when he knew. The quandary: Tressel’s behavior on the field and off belied his private attitude which permitted rules violations.

A Good Story about being a Foster Kid. Heard this story last night on “All Things Considered.” The situation in which these children found themselves is not uncommon. A four year old providing care to her siblings in the absence of parents, or at least lack of parenting, is more prevalent that you can imagine. Drugs, depression, lack of understanding of parenting lead to children raised essentially feral. I highly recommend that you listen to the story rather than read. The voices of those involved convey the gravity of this situation.

Basic Human Needs. How do we feed the planet? Not well apparently. Food prices doubled in the last twenty years. They (whoever they are) predict the planet will have 9 billion people by 2050. Should we be worried about where food is grown and food prices? Yes. Should we be concerned that the planet’s climate might be changing (whether natural change or man-made or both)? Probably, but I doubt we have any control, ultimately, over the changes. We should be concerned that production of food is decreasing while the population increases. We should be concerned that children in our neighborhoods go hungry because parents have no money or spend their money poorly, or selfishly, without regard for the basic human necessities. We should educate people about basic human existence. Then we can worry about whether the coach of  a football team broke rules… (what’s really important?)

International Politics, Drama. Why is it a big deal that Iran denied the German Chancellor’s request to fly through Iranian airspace? Iran’s choice showed disrespect for the leader of a nation. A nation involved in the sanctioning of Iran. Germany called back, or withdrew, her ambassador from Iran. In the great game of international politics, these acts create a showdown. Except, these actors do not meet at high noon with 6-shooters at the OK Corral. No, these actors have bombs and can create war. In isolation, this snub might not rise to that point. Iran and the UN Security Council are at loggerheads. This act is another in a long line.

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The Case for Dismissing Humphrey

The University of Georgia’s Mens Basketball Team dismissed Billy Humphrey one of the stars of UGA’s cinderella SEC championship this season. Early Tuesday morning Humphrey earned a DUI charge. But this is not Humphrey’s first encounter with law enforcement. This arrest is his third in 18 months. Dennis Felton mastermind of the miraculous cinderella championship announced Humphrey’s dismissal today. 

According the ajc.com, Humphrey reportedly said “Please. Please. Please. I am begging you not do this. You’ll ruin my career.” Funny, Mr. Humphrey is the one who is under 21, drinking alcohol, driving and carrying an open container alcohol in his backpack. The POLICE did nothing wrong. The Police didn’t do this to Humphrey.

Humphrey did this to himself. Unfortunately Humphrey is a classic example of the problem with some athletes today. He takes no personal responsibility for his acts. Given criminal probation (according to ajc.com) by the courts in November, 2007, Humphrey was again arrested February on alcohol related charges. 

If Humphrey is old enough to plan his career, he’s old enough to take responsibility for his actions. Finally, the NCAA and universities are holding the athletes accountable. Given two second chances and opportunities to change, Humphrey hit his third strike. The problem is Humphrey could already see his name in headlines and lights. He does not understand the responsibility that follows the fame.

Humphrey and his fellow mugshot athletes cast a negative light on the masses of law abiding, excellent college athletes who becomes successful and never have their name listed as “suspect” in a police report.

Thank you, Coach Felton.


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A communist BCS playoff payout system?

See his letter to the editor of the Athens-Banner Herald, today.


Guess what, Rep. Abercrombie, it’s none of Congress’s concern. No, it is not an illegal restraint of trade. This bill is simply your means to pressure the NCAA and BCS to have a playoff system so Hawaii does not get crushed and embarrassed by UGA in the Sugar Bowl. Perhaps I’m gloating.

This bill is simply your means of distracting U.S. voters and wasting tax money on an investigation to have more money invested in your college’s athletics program. That’s what you wrote. I’m so glad that Congress can not only earmark money for special projects that taxpayers will pay for to benefit each Congressional district (and get folks like Abercrombie re-elected) but I am also happy to know that Congress and the Justice Department have resolved all the really burning issue facing this Country today. Apparently, all the really time consuming matters like illegal immigration, funding over worked/underfunded medical facilities (utilized by people with no insurance), fixing public school systems, oh, and don’t forget the crime rate, and providing for the common defense, have been resolved so Congress can focus on what’s really important-College Football.

Rep. Abercrombie, I would love to watch playoffs, more college football is always better. But, Congress should deal with the matters vested in it by Article I of the United States Constitution. Then, when Congress completes those tasks, each member should go home and GET A REAL JOB with real benefits and SEE what’s really going on with this country.

If the primary and high schools continue to fail on your watch, colleges will return to the status of an elite benefit. At that point, perhaps college football players would be able to earn a salary as it would be a joke for many to actually attend class as they are unprepared for college. Please note: if a college football team can’t find a way to support itself, perhaps it should consider soccer as an alternative.

Why don’t you worry about the people who aren’t being educated, the people who suffer due to the illegal immigration, the increased rate of incarceration of Americans? Why? Because NO ONE IS INTERESTED in those topics! College football is a great desensitizer for the American public. I bet complaints to Congress go down during football season. All those fans distracted by the Circus. The Circus funded, not by Congress, but by corporations and the fans themselves. An investigation of NCAA and BCS would be a modern day spin-off of the Circus.

What a boon for Congress! Caesar doesn’t have to pay for the original BREAD or the CIRCUS, we do it ourselves. So, what’s a few million dollars investment to investigate BCS if it keeps voters happy and distracted from the actual problems in this country.


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