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Random News: June 10, 2011

You may have missed these.

Pay no attention to the (absence of the) man behind the curtain. Newt Gingrich’s Buckhead (read ritzy Atlanta) office space looked vacant when the Atlanta Journal Constitution snapped these photos. What’s up Newt? Where are the structural supports for your campaign? Even if everyone jumped ship, shouldn’t there be stuff? Support staff? What gives?

Bizarre Behavior. Forget copper, these people cut down and stole a tree in almost broad daylight. Fortunately, someone was paying attention. Wonder what compelled them to do that? Scrap yard won’t pay for a tree.

Geek moment. The troubles of adding two new elements to the periodic table.

Another hotspot for trouble on the globe. China confronts Vietnam over disputed waters in South China Sea. The Middle East should not be our sole focus. Trouble in Southeast Asia might mean more “bad things” happening around the globe and inhibit Mr. Bernanke’s forecasts, or at least delay them, AGAIN.

Dangerous Games, that aren’t Games. Here’s an op-ed from the LATimes about the hazards California will encounter following court ordered inmate reductions. Wouldn’t you rather have plan than forced release?

Caffeine ban? Doubt it! Another LA Times opinion piece warns of the hazards of caffeine intake. This author, inexplicably, suggests banning caffeine. What? Get over it folks. You can’t take everything from us. Absences from work would increase, productivity would be down significantly. No, you cannot take my coffee. I draw the line here.


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Why? Why? Why?

Former President Jimmy Carter publicized what can only be called a hollow shift in Hamas’s position in the Middle East conflict. The carrot, for Israel, is that Hamas would ascent to Palestinian leadership’s agreement with Israel were the parties to reach an agreement. BUT there are conditions. Of course there are conditions. Hamas will continue to fire on Israel, the agreement must be put to all Palestinians including those in exile, Hamas would only recognize settlements in the West Bank and Gaza as “transitional” thereby avoiding recognition of Israel.

Why is Carter still in the Middle East and why is this news? As a result of Carter’s meetings, NOTHING is changed.


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Jimmy Carter: what to do?

Former President Jimmy Carter would like to negotiate peace between Israel and Hamas. Israel eschews those entreaties. Hamas embraces President Carter, but does Hamas embrace peace?

My friend at scoffery.com called for the arrest of former President Jimmy Carter for his sympathy with Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

What to do with President Carter? He means well, I believe. However, the actions and behaviors of Hamas and those associated organizations exhibit no interest in peace, only the complete removal of Israel from her current geographic location. Israel tired of the continued attacks: combat and verbal, refuses Carter as an envoy.

Are Carter’s efforts a crime? Not according to any statute I’ve read. Not much middle ground for negotiation. Can’t blame Israel for being mute and deaf.


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