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Get a Pike

Today, the NYTimes published a scathing article about the life and times of Cindy McCain. The sole flattering aspect of the article, a photo. I believe that the fourth estate seeks pikes for their political enemies. Historically, those who challenged the king would be displayed as an example at the Tower of London. Thankfully, we don’t live that nasty England of Olde.

The media however want the proverbial ultimate sanction-literal skewering of the Republican candidates. The metaphorical impaling of the Palins and McCains just falls short for the fourth estate. The blood thirsty reporters seek and search for more raw meat, not satiated  by display on their victims’ entrails. No, these vicious cannibals seek the hearts and spleens of their victims. 

The political debate between the two candidates receives less attention than the personalities and lifestyles of the Republican ticket and spouses. Reporters will rehash old information with a new spin or, at least, a new headline. You will note that the New York Times fails to filet the life of Michelle Obama. No, why would anyone do that, she’s the wife of the media darling. Still ironic that the media cannot see their lack of objectivity. The zeal to break down McCain and Palin is matched only by their strong desire to PROTECT Obama. Sad really. 

What’s worse, the media use McCain and Palin to extend their popularity and gain status within their estate. Sadly, they don’t realize NO ONE CARES who writes the story. You are all interchangeable. Each hates McCain and Palin; I imagine that every desk has a voodoo doll effigy of McCain and Palin on pikes. At some point reporters will all realize that the venom sounds alike and negative spin run together in a vitriolic rage. You will gain no readers or popularity or more importantly name recognition. Why not find a real story to write about? After the election, you will all be relegated to boring topics. Why not be creative? Oh, that would require you to work and get NEW information.


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Choice Considered

Oprah, Hillary, and Sarah do not plow new ground. Each makes a choice based on standards and principles NOT based on how their choices will affect women as gender.

In the last 30 years, the visibility of women in U.S. popular and political culture has risen dramatically. As a grammar school student, I distinctly remember the importance of newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole and Astronaut Sally Ride. These three women held a place in my world because they were women on a stage where men dominated. These ladies provided hope for those who saw more men than women in politics, even for a 7 year old. Perhaps I could not articulate that at 7 but I do recall the roles they played in the world.

In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro cracked another glass ceiling. Amazing even to a 10 year old that Ferraro’s name appeared on all those signs with that guy who was running for president. Incredible.

Today, the media highlights a controversy between one of the richest people in the country-she happens to be a woman- and the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate-also happens to be a woman. Efforts to enlist a former presidential candidate-yep, a woman- to fight claims by the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate met luke warm success. How’s that for amazing.

Oprah Winfrey made a calculated choice to support Senator Barack Obama, after his several appearances on her show. Winfrey openly raised money for and introduced Obama to the world before he was a household name. Winfrey’s power to effect the choice of her viewers and devotees has been established by sales of any product, book or thing Oprah mentions favorably. I seriously doubt that Oprah will change her position related an interview for an active female Vice Presidential candidate.

Why would Oprah refuse such a lucrative, high profile interview? Oprah is a savvy public relations agent for Obama. An Oprah interview for Palin increases Palin’s exposure exponentially. Palin is personable and engaging. In Oprah’s format, Palin will be a rockstar. Oprah chose to endorse and monetarily support Obama. Oprah will not provide that platform for the McCain-Palin ticket.

The conundrum for Oprah will be what to do if Obama’s poll statistics are negatively impacted over the long haul. Oprah’s response to an overwhelming outcry to see Palin on the Harpo sofa: my show will not be used for politics. Does that position change when Obama needs a boost? How will viewers respond if she changes this position to help Obama? Based on news reports, some viewers have already tuned out. Others may follow suit and choose to tune Oprah out when there is no Palin interview.

Sarah Palin’s appeal and personality translated well during her initial introduction to the nation the day following the Democrat Convention. Should Palin accept an invitation to Oprah world? I’d say no. If Oprah would change position and invite Palin on her show, Palin would not receive the regular Oprah embracing interview. That is not to say Oprah would be rude or impolite, but this interview would not be the same style interview to which we are all accustomed. An Oprah interview with an uncomfortable Oprah would be a much larger crap shoot for Palin than regular Oprah. Palin, even if invited, would be well advised to decline that interview.

The assistance of Senator Hillary Clinton, now a reluctant partisan of Senator Obama, has been recruited to dig out of the sexist hole into which Obama and his campaign fell. Unfortunately for Obama, Senator Clinton sees the larger picture. In her speeches, Clinton fails to condemn Palin’s perceived flaws and rumored misdoings. Why? Clinton understands that the gender- and family-based mud she slings against Palin will be returned to Clinton like a boomerang the next time she runs for office. Clinton’s family life has never been perfect. The life and times of the Clinton union, memorialized in “Bloodsport,” showcases a life with human flaws. Clinton will not sink to the level Obama wishes, if only avoid equal treatment later.

Palin will need to answer tough questions. Oprah’s couch won’t be available until after the November election. Perhaps that’s how it should be. Tough questions posed by an unbiased, impartial interviewer might better serve the public and Palin herself.

The issues raised this week highlight another remarkable change in American society. Women speaking their minds either by feedback to Oprah or interviews with the media. Senator Clinton chooses what to say and how to present it without the necessity of following orders from Obama. Oprah makes all her own choices and articulated her reasoning behind those choices. Palin’s choices to challenge Alaskan establishment show her capacity for making her own decisions. Women dominate the media coverage of politics and it’s not just because they are women. Ain’t life grand!

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You can’t be serious

The media are “hurt” by John McCain’s attacks on their credibility and ethics? According to the New York Times today  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/04/us/politics/04media.html that’s the case.

How dare John McCain point out that the media treat one candidate differently from another? How could he possibly expect that the media would treat a female candidate the same as the male candidates? Why that’s just plain wrong. The media should be able to personally attack anyone they choose without scrutiny or recourse, right? No one looks over their shoulder to insure quality, ethics and standards are being met because the media have no quality, ethics or standards. Who does John McCain think he is?

New Flash: The liberal media need to find a place where they can objectively see themselves and what they have become. Right now, the liberal media functions as the public relations arm of the Obama campaign. Can these people seriously say that in the 21st century questioning the ability of a woman to govern is a fair question? Can the media justify taking a microscope to the life of Sarah Palin and her family without using that same lens to examine the lives of Joe Biden and Barack Obama and John McCain? Can these biased political observers explain why the privacy of Obama is observed when the privacy of Palin is not?

If so, I’d like to hear it. The answer should not include the fact that before Friday no one had ever heard of Governor Sarah Palin. The natural curiosity of a reporter does not equate to a story that should appear in a newspaper or on the internet. The prurient interests of editors and reporters should not justify the vilification of a teenage girl who made a mistake and then a choice.

Somebody needs to find real objective standards for the media.

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Senator Barack Obama spent the better part of the weekend comparing his qualifications to the qualifications of Governor Sarah Palin. Why? Following nomination as Presidential candidate for the Democrats, Obama focused a significant amount of energy comparing the qualifications of the Presidential candidate to the qualifications of the would-be Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Why?

Because Obama’s accomplishments fall far short of John McCain’s actual accomplishments. Obama says that his campaign is a movement for change. What change has he accomplished? What legislation has his name on it? None.

McCain found a running mate who bucks the system, stands up for an objective standard of right, and who has in fact been an agent of change. Palin’s successes in Alaska make Obama appear to be the Washington establishment elitist that he is. Obama shouldn’t be comparing himself to Palin. But if he does, all the better, he’s just conceding that McCain is more qualified.

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Any Publicity…

Governor Sarah Palin’s family and gender provide the Republican Party with something they can’t buy: lead stories in every major newspaper in the country AND a backlash against the liberal, sexist media. The media has yet to discover that regular folks really identify with Palin. Raised to believe we could do and be anything that we wanted, regular folks do not know “their place” in society while the elitist Democrats and the yellow media continue to remind them of “their place.”

Guess what? We vote and we blog.

You yellow journalists get a clue: we don’t care. You green eco-friendly mudslingers are wasting paper and trees.

Why do you not pick on Senator Obama’s six months as a Senator before beginning his run for president? Why do you not investigate his relationship with Tony Rezko? Why do you not ask if HE should be concerned about his children’s upbringing in the White House?

Why? Because the liberal, yellow media intend to protect Obama from Obama. The liberal, yellow media have decided that Obama should be President and we the public should eat the drivel the media dishes out to us.

If the best issue the media have against Palin is her GENDER and her FAMILY, then the Democrats have a larger problem and the Republicans have the media vetting accomplished within a week. The good side: Palin-worts and all-will be out there and she will be able to address her positions and the issues.

Palin doesn’t deserve the negative press. No person does. No woman should be subjected to HIGHER scrutiny than any other person running for office. Fortunately, McCain picked a tough, strong woman who is a seasoned veteran of small town life. For you citified elitists out there, small town life is MORE vicious than anything you dish out for her.

Leave the children alone. Keep the headlines coming. The more Palin’s name is in the headlines-the less Obama’s name appears there.

Oh, by the way, I’ll now be watching a speech that I had not intended to watch and I expect many others like me will listen to her as well. The Republicans should say thank you.

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When life gives you tomatoes

…make a Bloody Mary. That’s what the Republicans have done. Instead conducting the evening’s planned infomercial, the Republicans held a fundraiser for the people of the Gulf coast. Thank you.

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Who CAN be president?

John McCain’s proposal of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin raised questions in my circle. Most particularly, what qualifications must one have to BE President of the United States and Vice President.

The U.S. Constitution requires that the individual be a “natural born Citizen” and shall have reached the age of 35 years. Article 2, Section 5 of the United States Constitution. The 22nd Amendment precludes one who has served two previous terms as President of the United States. That’s it.

Governor Palin meets those qualifications, as does Senator Obama. What other qualifications should there be? Good sense? Innate ability to speak and communicate with others, not just talk? What criteria should we impose? Or should we take the basic qualifications given us by the Founders and see what we want?

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