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You can’t be serious

The media are “hurt” by John McCain’s attacks on their credibility and ethics? According to the New York Times today  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/04/us/politics/04media.html that’s the case.

How dare John McCain point out that the media treat one candidate differently from another? How could he possibly expect that the media would treat a female candidate the same as the male candidates? Why that’s just plain wrong. The media should be able to personally attack anyone they choose without scrutiny or recourse, right? No one looks over their shoulder to insure quality, ethics and standards are being met because the media have no quality, ethics or standards. Who does John McCain think he is?

New Flash: The liberal media need to find a place where they can objectively see themselves and what they have become. Right now, the liberal media functions as the public relations arm of the Obama campaign. Can these people seriously say that in the 21st century questioning the ability of a woman to govern is a fair question? Can the media justify taking a microscope to the life of Sarah Palin and her family without using that same lens to examine the lives of Joe Biden and Barack Obama and John McCain? Can these biased political observers explain why the privacy of Obama is observed when the privacy of Palin is not?

If so, I’d like to hear it. The answer should not include the fact that before Friday no one had ever heard of Governor Sarah Palin. The natural curiosity of a reporter does not equate to a story that should appear in a newspaper or on the internet. The prurient interests of editors and reporters should not justify the vilification of a teenage girl who made a mistake and then a choice.

Somebody needs to find real objective standards for the media.


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