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Texas Day 3: Hunting BBQ

So, Friday, we travel to the Market that used to be a farmer’s market but now sells Mexican kitshe. The variety is interesting. I decline to buy a piggy bank for any number of small children because I’m not sure how the parents would react.

Following the old Farmer’s market, we seek out Boerne (Pronounced-Birney) and the Riverside Market-a/k/a the old filling station with great bbq. While we apparently speak too fast and John’s order doesn’t materialize quite the way he ordered it. Perhaps we speak too fast…The sausage and sauce were splendid. The best BBQ I’ve eaten in Texas, so far. While we tell the proprietor how we found the place, another man in line says that when he travels to the area from California he ALWAYS eats at this place. The establishment looks like an old Shell station, white building with a red and yellow awning. A sign on the side of the building declares BBQ and sausage.

We take a short driving tour of Boerne. The citizens take pride in their town. None of the buildings look abandoned. It is a cute little town. We should stop and explore, but I want to float the River in downtown San Antonio.

The river cruise is not all it’s cracked up to be. We paid $7.75 for what was mostly an ad for certain businesses and skipped others. Although there was a nice history and explanation for the origins and rejuvenation of the riverwalk. I’d suggest an morning or evening tour. The afternoon was sweltering.

While we waited for the tour to start we shared dessert at the Iron Cactus. Black Label Kuluha Brownie ala mode. It was divine.

After the cruise, John departed for his show. I sought out food on the Riverwalk, without success. The mall billed on the river tour as “the nicest in San Antonio” did not meet my expectations. Later, a local indicated that in fact it was NOT the nicest mall. Overcrowded and rife with smelly, greasy food, I opted for the path of least resistance (and most expense) a pizza from the hotel’s “private dining.” It was good pizza, but not compared with what I paid for it.


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