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Random New: June 15, 2011

Stories I find interesting.

Economic Indicator to Worry About! If Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit, the U.S. will go into default on loans. Seriously, why is it that I heard this only the BBC this morning. I saw no other reports. This economic indicator should be cause for great concern. And yet NO ONE is paying attention.

Historic Markers Made Naturally. How did the native Creek and Cherokee find their way such long distances that history shows that they traveled? Apparently, the trail was marked with intentionally crooked trees. How interesting is that? Check out the website of the Mountain Stewards, the group compiling a list of these trees.

Palin isn’t the only one…U.S. students don’t about the history of their country. Schools should do a better job of creating well-rounded students instead of test taking automatons.

Economic Food for Thought. How do you gauge how the economy is doing? Look at all the signs. Small businesses are generally not expanding and perhaps shrinking the size of business. Is this caution or an indicator? You decide.

The Problem with the Politics & Politicos Today.  The NY Times editorial hit the nose on the head, though I would expand this to all politicians NOT just the Elephants. The politicians are not talking about substance, they are sound and fury signifying nothing. But people are buying their hot air.

Legalize small amounts of Marijuana? New York is considering it. The other interesting point in this article is a discussion of how these “crime prevention” arrests affect the lives and futures of the folks who perhaps were NOT bent on other crimes.


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Who CAN be president?

John McCain’s proposal of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin raised questions in my circle. Most particularly, what qualifications must one have to BE President of the United States and Vice President.

The U.S. Constitution requires that the individual be a “natural born Citizen” and shall have reached the age of 35 years. Article 2, Section 5 of the United States Constitution. The 22nd Amendment precludes one who has served two previous terms as President of the United States. That’s it.

Governor Palin meets those qualifications, as does Senator Obama. What other qualifications should there be? Good sense? Innate ability to speak and communicate with others, not just talk? What criteria should we impose? Or should we take the basic qualifications given us by the Founders and see what we want?

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The Oconee War

On Sunday, John and I attended a lecture on the Oconee War. Billed as a history of the battle for the land between the North Oconee and the Apalachee Rivers, this lecture proved very interesting. Steven Scurry lectured about the Creek Indians and their aspirations to retain the “beloved” land in the region and attempt to co-exist with the Georgians.

Scurry loves this history and has conducted the research in this free time. His knowledge far out reaches the time alotted for the lecture. Look for book sometime.

The history began with an explanation of the Creek’s “beloved” paths between major areas of what is now Georgia and the treaty entered with Georgians in 1773. Scurry explained some of the traditions and the perspective of the Creek based on transcripts from Spanish, French and US archives. Unfortunately, we did not cover all the history listed in the program. If you have the opportunity to catch his lecture, you should make a point to hear him speak.

See The Flagpole’s Pub Notes for a great summary of the lecture


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