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Random News: July 4, 2011

Interesting stories from around…

Worth reading today. All Americans should read this document at least once a year. The Declaration of Independence marked the beginning of the our experimental government. Our Great Republic has seen good days and bad days but the thoughts and sentiments in the Declaration have endured. Take a few minutes to read this.

Exploring the Founding Fathers. This op-ed explores the opinions of our Founding Fathers.

Truth of Ellis Island. On this Independence Day, a story of the truth Ellis Island, not the white-washed flag waving story. I find more comfort in the truth.

Choosing to Serve. A look at who chooses to serve our county and protect the Government the Founders fought so hard to obtain.

Our experiment at Work, or not. Minnesota government shutdown on Friday, July 1. Instead of battles over control, we have civil governments and protests are peaceful. Shouldn’t we be thankful for this?

Independence in Jail? We want porn! Convicted armed robber wants porn in jail. Claims a constitutional right. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of this great country. The Court will determine this case. What do you think?


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Action and Reaction

As 2009 winds on, the expansion of the Federal government into the lives and homes of the American people is becoming more and more inescapable. In the Western United States, citizens respond with expansive gun legislation. At what point do we as voters and taxpayers draw the line? How do we draw that line? 

The Bush Administration slowly eroded the independence of states during that 8 year term in the name of education and the common defense against terrorism. In the last months since his inauguration, the Obama administration has created czars for every issue under the sun without any legislative oversight. These czars wield power and control over tax payer money without any recourse through the checks and balances of the Constitution.

How do we stop the expansion of government?

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Government! Agghh!

Stimulus checks are being sent out by the government this week. A New York t.v. station is reporting that the government sees, or at least pays, dead people. How? How is the government mailing stimulus checks to dead people? Are we still paying social security to these dead people? No wonder Social Security is running out of money. I’m just speechless!

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At what point, priorities?

Amidst all the cut-back/bankruptcy talk, across the board government cutbacks may begin to bite back. District Attorneys, local prosecutors of crimes, discuss cutting back the pursuit of certain crimes. Public outrage at the mention of relieving such duties, even lesser misdemeanors, caused on District Attorney to cut his salary, instead.

How long, then, will government continue to treat all agencies equally? At least on locality that called on citizens to reduce water usage due to drought is now planning to raise water rates. Government officials need to find the areas where cuts or amputations can be made. What services are necessary? Law enforcement. But also jails, the court, prosecutors, public defenders. Utilities? Water, yes. Leisure services? No. Not really.

Reelection be damned. The economic crisis needs realistic cuts to government. Not protection of pet projects or further tax increases.

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Challenges of an Instant World

As oil prices rise and a bank fails, people line up for days to purchase the new Apple brand Iphone which has technical glitches that may inhibit the immediate use of the phone. Senator Barack Obama earlier this summer criticized a proposal by Senator John McCain to suspend the gas tax for the summer. In fact, Obama called the proposal “pandering.” Today, Obama seeing the merit of giving money to people who have increasingly less, proposes an “Energy Rebate.”

What would prompt a Democrat to seek to give money back? The realization that the people of this country have been conditioned to instant gratification. Obama and other liberals decry that new drilling would take too long to affect the price oil immediately. BUT none of them bothers to consider the LONG TERM. Leaders who lack vision caused this problem. 30 years ago domestic oil drilling was proposed. Had the drilling begun then, we would not be in this position. Thinking about the future instead of focusing on solving the immediate problem with a bandaid.

Obama’s new position exemplifies the challenges of 21st century campaigning. Citizens, accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, demand politicians promise the world to solve the immediate problems. Americans lack the ability to plan, to consider the implications over the longer term. No, Americans will stand in line for an Iphone but they can not be bothered to put money away for retirement.

How did this happen? Initially, fast food: Have it your way. Then the big box stores: everything you could want IN STOCK. The trend even effected the news. First, USA Today purveyor of bite size mini news shortened the time necessary for reading the paper and omitted all the heady details from news. Then, cable news fed us news 24/7. All the news, whether it’s fit to air OR NOT.

Instant Gratification! A politician must dispense all things to all people whether he can deliver or not. The remake of Ocean’s 11 supplies an interesting contrast to instant gratification. Ocean and his team spent two weeks mapping out everything, monitoring schedules, essentially working out every detail of their heist. While I do not endorse burglary of any kind, the attention to detail and patience necessary to accomplish that burglary or any goal have disappeared from society.

Planning, thought and understanding of consequences enter the minds of few. This country was established by people with vision, people who could see the value of a new system of government. No one in government has vision of forethought these days. They only seek to gratify the populace’s immediate needs and expectations. 

Don’t blame the politicians. You voted for them.

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How Should the Texas Supreme Court Have Ruled?

The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the State (whatever incarnation-police or children services) had no right to seize all of those children from the polygamist ranch. This evening a lower court judge refused to sign an agreement reached between attorneys for the illegally seized children and parents and the State because she wanted to add conditions. The State essentially kidnapped these children regardless of the religious beliefs of the parents. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the STATE had no right to take these children.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, if the State had probable cause to believe that a crime had been committed committed or the children were in immediate danger, then the State acted properly. But the Texas Supreme Court RULED that the children who were the subject of the appeal heard by that court were taken or seized illegally. Children are not property (although many modern parents treat them as such) the Texas lower court should return these children.

The Judicial System in every state and in the Federal government set standards and guidelines that MUST be followed. We all live in a society which is governed by agreement-we agree to be governed and most of our population accept and uphold that agreement. In this instance the government OVERSTEPPED that agreement. The government violated that agreement because the individuals-parents of the children-believe in some extremist form of Mormonism.

This entry is not an endorsement of this polygamist sect. The rights that belong to these extremists are also the rights of ALL AMERICAN citizens. If we continue to encourage this errant judge and these State officials based on suspicions (not proof) that bad things happen to children in this sect, then we encourage the State and government officials everywhere to seize first and ask questions later when someone deviates from what GOVERNMENT considers a norm of society. Consider YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR HOME, YOUR PROPERTY. Should the government be permitted to enter your home and remove your children because you worship trees and refuse to eat red meat? NO. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the State illegally removed these children without EVIDENCE of an immediate threat of harm to the children. Why are the children STILL in state custody?

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Spending Money Like it’s Water

The City of Atlanta “discovered” a budget shortfall of $140 million. Wow! Now, the City will layoff employees and probably have to raise already outrageous taxes. These acts will lead more residents and businesses to leave the City and reduce revenue further. So these acts make no sense.

Have the people who “overlooked” the budget shortfall been fired? No so that anyone has noticed. Is anyone from the Mayor’s office subject to the “layoff”? Who knows, no specifics have been discussed. But layoffs begin today.

Also, cuts to law enforcement including the City Solicitor’s office will mean more misdemeanors unprosecuted, significant delays in prosecution and probably more vacancies in the City Solicitor’s office.

Have no fear, though. The City with $140 million shortfall will provide counseling for the employees. Great! Hope the counselors got paid up front in cash.

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