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Fuel, Irony

As I returned from a short car trip, I began watching the NASCAR race today. As I read news stories and facebook postings by friends about the lack of gasoline in North Georgia, the car race rolls on at intense speeds with quick refueling and tire changes. Realize though that NASCAR uses a different type of gasoline than regular cars but the longer I consider the situation the sillier it becomes.

People have no gas to travel to work (or so they say) but advertisers and sponsors continue to promote and major t.v. networks display the massive waste of petroleum products. Did I mention all the people who traveled to Kansas for the race? How much gas was wasted to get there?

Practicality aside, I attended the Blackout last night, although unfortunately I was fully conscious of the events. 90,000 people attended and many of those people live in Athens, like me. How many traveled from Atlanta, South Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina? As a friend noted on facebook, they stole our gas upon leaving town today and last night. And they did. Is the local economic boost provided by these travelers worth the sacrifice of the black gold for those who live here?

How long will we as citizens, car owners, employees and consumers continue to have skewed priorities? When will understand that we must plan ahead and be practical about necessities? Seems like, not right now.


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