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Is this REALLY News?

The AJC is reporting today that Matt Ryan, rookie draft pick of the Falcons, will take over for Mike Vick on AirTran billboards. Is this really news? Why is it a headline that a football player will be an advertising icon for a company?

Isn’t that just free advertising for the company? Wow! That must be how you don’t sell news papers and go out of business.


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Hot Celebrity Accessory: Mugshot

No wonder children and teenagers fail to understand why following the rules and staying out of trouble will benefit them.

Over the weekend, three NFL players joined the new trend. Although, Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts wasn’t arrested, Harrison is under investigation in a shooting outside a Philadelphia establishment that he owns. Cedric Benson of the Bears was stopped while driving a boat. Michael Boley, Atlanta Falcons, allegedly beat up his wife.

The media hype around Brittany Spears’ custody hearing that hasn’t happened yet is disgusting. The Brittany hiatus is over. Lindsey Lohan complains about the use of her mugshot in an ad.

The media only minimally covered Keifer Sutherland’s admission to DUI and his voluntary incarceration. Sutherland took responsibility for his actions and has hopefully gotten some treatment. Also, good news from LSU, the football team kicked their quarterback off the team for failing to comply with team rules.

When the media and the public treat investigation, arrest and incarceration like a badge of honor and do NOT shun people who fail to take responsibility for their actions and glorify the criminal activity, children and teenagers learn negative lessons and society will suffer. Parents should use these opportunities to teach children right from wrong, good from bad. But, it’s just easier to sit kids in front of the t.v., computer or video game and ignore them. So, soon their children will inexplicably (to the parents) obtain the new celebrity accessory. And the parents won’t understand how THEIR child could have been arrested.

Update: 05/08/08

Please add to accessory bearers–Gary Dourdan, CSI (the original) star and now saddled with drug possession charges. Also, Joe Hamilton, former Ga Tech QB and now former Ga Tech football staff member, was arrested for DUI and drug possession and left his job with Ga Tech yesterday.

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Note to Arthur Blank

Dear Mr. Blank:

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the drafting of an exceptional quarterback. As with every NFL season, Falcons fans will see this year as a rebuilding season. My simple request: Honor us this one time.

We are tired of the hype. Michael Vick alone could not lead this team. Michael Vick could not lead any team, he was in it for himself. Convince the team and yourself to rebuild. Give young Ryan time to establish a relationship with the team. Their psyches might be better served by an empty dome than by one filled with people full of false hope and booing.

You made a long term investment, Mr. Blank. Now is the time to sit and let your investment mature. Quite frankly, Atlanta fans know this drill all too well. (See history of Braves, Hawks, Flames, etc.) Don’t put pressure on the team because we’re not attending the games.

Once you and the new coach (what’s his name anyway) establish a team philosophy and the team gels, then maybe start a P.R. campaign. Please, just leave us alone. We won’t attend your games until we’re convinced you actually have a football TEAM-not just a bunch of egos running around on turf earning millions while we pay $4/gallon to travel to the game.


Salmon and Grits, native Georgian and sports fan

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