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Common Sense Underlies Gun Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court this summer ruled in favor of the right of Americans to bear arms. This proclamation however never mentioned common sense with respect to fire arms. Simply because one may carry a gun does not mean that one SHOULD carry a gun.

Take for example Plaxico Burress, NY Giants football player, who this weekend managed to shoot himself in the leg in public. How completely embarrassing! According to a NY Times report, Burress managed to pass through the metal detectors at the club which became a potential crime scene with the firearm. 

I am curious to know why a person would carry a pistol (I assume the firearm was a pistol) in such a dangerous way. How do we know it was dangerous? He shot himself. Properly maintained and carried a firearm will not hurt anyone unless a person pulls the trigger.  Unfortunately, people like Burress who treat guns like toys and care not for their personal safety or the safety of others provide fodder for the left who would ban all guns.

Burress lacked common sense in the carrying of and management of this firearm. He is an example of those who fail to respect to power and danger associated with guns. A display of common sense and respect would have spared Burress the embarrassment and potential legal troubles.


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24: Redemption

Jack Bauer is back! Although I’d been warned that Jack had lost his edge, the previews for the rest of the season show that the real Jack is resurrected later in 2009. Jack used his wits and brains to save lives. In the end, Jack sacrificed his freedom to save others. I can’t wait to see what happens, hopefully Jack won’t let us down.

The 2 hour “event” displayed the horrors of third world civil wars. Watching young boys firing guns just shorter than the boys themselves startled me. The reality of civil war is something we understand intellectually but seeing the military training, the recruitment procedures, and general lack of human decency made the situation more real.

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Quantum of Solace

James Bond and his movie genre return boldly in Quantum of Solace. During the course of the movie, my mind recalled the early (Sean Connery) Bond installments. Solace returns Bond to the reticent and emotionally closed off spy who simply enjoys some women becomes attached to other women and above all seeks to protect the UK and the world. Or, to put it more bluntly, Solace is a traditional spy movie. 

If viewers seek an involved plot and an intellectual story, this movie is not for you. If you want a two hour vacation from life, beautiful vistas, some action and intrigue, then Quantum of Solace is a must see. Bond travels world, saves the girl, hunts down a bad guy and in the end there are great chase scenes and intelligent dialogue.

This movie won’t win an Oscar. And who cares? Movies are a great escape, and James Bond does not disappoint.

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Curiouser and curiouser

The Screen Actors’ Guild lives and operates in a vacuum. SAG apparently fails to appreciate the extreme impact of the last “Entertainment Industry” strike on the television industry. On top of that, SAG fails to comprehend how the economic challenges that our citizens face will impact whatever sympathy factor consumers of their product will carry for those poor oppressed actors.

No, SAG’s vacuum encompasses those living in Los Angeles and New York. The rest of us who derive some type of pleasure from their product worry about our 401Ks, IRAs and home mortgages. Nay, those SAG decision makers fight about minutiae never realizing that their target consumers do not care. After a month without new shows, consumers will  be lulled into oblivion.

The target consumers of entertainment will move on from dramas and comedies. The screen sitting in their homes will be transformed into a conveyance for more of those hideous “reality” shows and competitive ping-pong will become an instant hit. Sadly, the people of SAG living in their zone of unreality overlook the fact that viewers, true viewers, watch infomercials and hours up hours of the weather channel. Viewers, or consumers, will either turn off the t.v. in light of a new pasttime or just watch crap. 

A new pasttime will be the death of the entertainment industry. Once consumers find a new way to spend time, t.v. viewing will dwindle. Perhaps folks will read a book or exercise, simply the enjoyment of a mental challenge will convert t.v. viewers into non-t.v. viewers.

Fortunately, the leadership of S.A.G. continues to blow smoke and threaten a strike. Please give me an excuse to turn off my television. Perhaps I’ll find something productive to do with the time I used to spend watching my favorite shows. Dramas will not be replaced with reality shows or ping pong. Nope. I expect that I am not the only one. Curiously, SAG doesn’t care about my t.v. viewing habits just profits for those who already make outrageous amounts of money.

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Fuel, Irony

As I returned from a short car trip, I began watching the NASCAR race today. As I read news stories and facebook postings by friends about the lack of gasoline in North Georgia, the car race rolls on at intense speeds with quick refueling and tire changes. Realize though that NASCAR uses a different type of gasoline than regular cars but the longer I consider the situation the sillier it becomes.

People have no gas to travel to work (or so they say) but advertisers and sponsors continue to promote and major t.v. networks display the massive waste of petroleum products. Did I mention all the people who traveled to Kansas for the race? How much gas was wasted to get there?

Practicality aside, I attended the Blackout last night, although unfortunately I was fully conscious of the events. 90,000 people attended and many of those people live in Athens, like me. How many traveled from Atlanta, South Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina? As a friend noted on facebook, they stole our gas upon leaving town today and last night. And they did. Is the local economic boost provided by these travelers worth the sacrifice of the black gold for those who live here?

How long will we as citizens, car owners, employees and consumers continue to have skewed priorities? When will understand that we must plan ahead and be practical about necessities? Seems like, not right now.

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Surprise! It’s a hoax.

When Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer reported that that they found Big Foot in the North Georgia mountains, who REALLY thought Big Foot lived in N. Ga.? Seriously. 

We have bears and any other manner of wildlife here in the piney woods and the Appalachian Trail. William Lett, an Indiana man, negotiated a deal for Tom Biscardi of California to purchase this Big Foot from Whitton/Dyer. Lett now wants Whitton/Dyer arrested for fraud. Come on. If Lett was so concerned, why did he not take an actual look at the thing before purchasing or make it a condition of the deal that he check out the corpse? Are Big Foot hunters really that naive?

This little tale falls into the category of the Great American Hoaxes. Grow up. An inspection of the carcass would have revealed a zipper and synthetic hair. A brain surgeon and rocket scientist are not required for this endeavor.

If someone has $50,000.00 to waste on a Big Foot, he also has could stand to lose $50k on a hoax. Caveat emptor!


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Is this REALLY News?

The AJC is reporting today that Matt Ryan, rookie draft pick of the Falcons, will take over for Mike Vick on AirTran billboards. Is this really news? Why is it a headline that a football player will be an advertising icon for a company?

Isn’t that just free advertising for the company? Wow! That must be how you don’t sell news papers and go out of business.

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