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Is there a silver lining in Gustav? No

Filmmaker Michael Moore claimed that a hurricane hitting New Orleans during the Republican National Convention proves that there is a God. How can one acclaimed for his “great” insight into the world see any sort of benefit from the devastation projected for the Gulf Coast and for simple human beings?

Has this man any compassion or human kindness? Apparently not. His statement indicates that he sees the world through the skewed prism of politics. Moore only cares about deriding his opponents. 

Could one of you celebrity millionaires who watches his movies buy that man some compassion?


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What’s the Point of A Convention?

Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean declared that one candidate Senator Obama or Senator Clinton must drop out by June so that the party can unify. The Democrat Party convention scheduled for August should be the deciding factor, NOT the party chair, isn’t that the point of the convention? The Convention, not the party leadership cadre, decides who the party’s candidate will be. Mr. Dean should remember his place as leader NOT dictator.

Dean acknowledged that party rules do not require many delegates to make a decision before the August Convention. So, why is Dean continuing to press for one candidate? Because this brouhaha between Clinton and Obama will only deteriorate. To date mud slinging has been the weapon of choice, what if they pull out the big guns and destroy the party? So be it.

Perhaps it’s time for a new party and a new ideology. Not since Lincoln has this country seen a great ideological shift based on a different confederation of ideas. Honestly, the ideas and actions of BOTH parties (Democrat and Republican) in this campaign to date are not that different.

For change in this country, we need people who understand change. These candidates know no change. Status quo will be the result.

What do we as a country need? A new party of individuals with ideas and grassroots energy. The Founders provided us with both a benefit and curse in this respect: checks and balances. Checks and balances prevented FDR from packing the Supreme Court, prevents the rabble in Congress from making law without some oversight from the President and the Supreme Court.

We need all of the disgruntled BUT concerned voters, the interested but feed up citizens to come together and change government at all levels of government. Changing the President will bring only grid lock (which might not be a bad thing).

Just think about it.

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Bob Barr for President?

Bob Barr sounds like a man ready to run for President. In numerous quotes, Barr sets the stage to make actual change (not faux change of the leading political parties). If Barr and the Libertarian party find a spot on the general election ballot what while that mean for politics? It will mean choice. It will change the manner in which Americans view their political world. Much like Ross Perot’s campaign, the paradigm will shift from two definitive parties to three potential candidates. Barr’s association with the Libertarian Party will assist his placement on the ballot in some states.

For those who bemoan the possibility of votes being taken from McCain, this change is critical. The candidates are right, this country needs change. But the change the present candidates offer is false and superfluous. Bob Barr or any STRONG Libertarian candidate can offer a choice. An option that goes beyond Republican (no new taxes, but we’ll need them) and Democrat (we’ll raise taxes and spend more than that).

Good Luck, Mr. Barr. You’ll need it.


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