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#1 as Double Edged Sword

Apparently, the University of Georgia Football players aspire to another #1 ranking: most arrests in one year, most suspensions and discharges from the team. They’ve made a good start. Friday night/Saturday morning began the newest round of aspiring mug shot possessors. 

Less than 24 hours after being declared the #1 football team in the coach’s poll, the football team of my alma mater decided to lose more players. How many arrests does it take for people to learn that they should stay away from alcohol. Alcohol makes people stupid. The young men have a reputation to repair, nevermind upholding some utopian standard.

Someone should order them, as a condition of their scholarships to stay away from parties, bars, and masses of drunk people (except at games where the drunk people are held at bay). By and large alcohol plays a leading role in ALL of the suspensions, discharges and arrests for these guys. 

They have their education paid for, at least most of them do, and they are expected to uphold a higher standard. They’re failing. I’m not sure how to fix this. Perhaps someone should explain to these bright guys what happened to Odell Thurman or the Florida State Criminoles who managed to get themselves arrested and moved out of first place.

The bad apples, because many players are staying out of trouble, are embarrassing the rest of the University and the alumni, NOT JUST THEMSELVES. GROW UP. Nothing good happens after 11 p.m. Go home, go to bed, study your play book, read a book, heaven forbid-study.



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A communist BCS playoff payout system?

See his letter to the editor of the Athens-Banner Herald, today.


Guess what, Rep. Abercrombie, it’s none of Congress’s concern. No, it is not an illegal restraint of trade. This bill is simply your means to pressure the NCAA and BCS to have a playoff system so Hawaii does not get crushed and embarrassed by UGA in the Sugar Bowl. Perhaps I’m gloating.

This bill is simply your means of distracting U.S. voters and wasting tax money on an investigation to have more money invested in your college’s athletics program. That’s what you wrote. I’m so glad that Congress can not only earmark money for special projects that taxpayers will pay for to benefit each Congressional district (and get folks like Abercrombie re-elected) but I am also happy to know that Congress and the Justice Department have resolved all the really burning issue facing this Country today. Apparently, all the really time consuming matters like illegal immigration, funding over worked/underfunded medical facilities (utilized by people with no insurance), fixing public school systems, oh, and don’t forget the crime rate, and providing for the common defense, have been resolved so Congress can focus on what’s really important-College Football.

Rep. Abercrombie, I would love to watch playoffs, more college football is always better. But, Congress should deal with the matters vested in it by Article I of the United States Constitution. Then, when Congress completes those tasks, each member should go home and GET A REAL JOB with real benefits and SEE what’s really going on with this country.

If the primary and high schools continue to fail on your watch, colleges will return to the status of an elite benefit. At that point, perhaps college football players would be able to earn a salary as it would be a joke for many to actually attend class as they are unprepared for college. Please note: if a college football team can’t find a way to support itself, perhaps it should consider soccer as an alternative.

Why don’t you worry about the people who aren’t being educated, the people who suffer due to the illegal immigration, the increased rate of incarceration of Americans? Why? Because NO ONE IS INTERESTED in those topics! College football is a great desensitizer for the American public. I bet complaints to Congress go down during football season. All those fans distracted by the Circus. The Circus funded, not by Congress, but by corporations and the fans themselves. An investigation of NCAA and BCS would be a modern day spin-off of the Circus.

What a boon for Congress! Caesar doesn’t have to pay for the original BREAD or the CIRCUS, we do it ourselves. So, what’s a few million dollars investment to investigate BCS if it keeps voters happy and distracted from the actual problems in this country.


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Bread and Circuses

Congress could waste millions of TAXPAYER dollars investigating a non-governmental entity because people are upset about how their bread and circuses are run.

The Athen Banner-Herald reports today that 3 Congressmen are seeking investigation into the BCS for College Football. See http://onlineathens.com/stories/041808/news_2008041800233.shtml

Come on, I’m as mad as the next UGA fan about the BCS. But Congress and the Federal Government have no business investigating BCS. College Football funds itself. The government doesn’t, as far as I know contribute to the NCAA or BCS. (If Taxpayer money goes to either entity, then that should be addressed too).

While UGA president Michael Adams makes the request that a playoff system be implemented, Congress has no business interfering. In fact, Congress has no right to interfere.

This country is dealing with an overflowing population of illegal immigrants, a failing public education system, an outrageous number its citizens incarcerated for violating laws, and CONGRESS wants to investigate the ruling authority of a private organization that provides mind-numbing entertainment which distracts the masses of voters from the real problems of this country. Seriously, if I didn’t know better, I’d think Caesar was trying to institute Bread and Circuses…

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