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Random News: June 10, 2011

You may have missed these.

Pay no attention to the (absence of the) man behind the curtain. Newt Gingrich’s Buckhead (read ritzy Atlanta) office space looked vacant when the Atlanta Journal Constitution snapped these photos. What’s up Newt? Where are the structural supports for your campaign? Even if everyone jumped ship, shouldn’t there be stuff? Support staff? What gives?

Bizarre Behavior. Forget copper, these people cut down and stole a tree in almost broad daylight. Fortunately, someone was paying attention. Wonder what compelled them to do that? Scrap yard won’t pay for a tree.

Geek moment. The troubles of adding two new elements to the periodic table.

Another hotspot for trouble on the globe. China confronts Vietnam over disputed waters in South China Sea. The Middle East should not be our sole focus. Trouble in Southeast Asia might mean more “bad things” happening around the globe and inhibit Mr. Bernanke’s forecasts, or at least delay them, AGAIN.

Dangerous Games, that aren’t Games. Here’s an op-ed from the LATimes about the hazards California will encounter following court ordered inmate reductions. Wouldn’t you rather have plan than forced release?

Caffeine ban? Doubt it! Another LA Times opinion piece warns of the hazards of caffeine intake. This author, inexplicably, suggests banning caffeine. What? Get over it folks. You can’t take everything from us. Absences from work would increase, productivity would be down significantly. No, you cannot take my coffee. I draw the line here.


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Boycott the Olympics

The Olympics have become a giant sponsorship competition NOT a sports competition. Do I have issues with how China treats their employees, foreign press and the environment? Yes. But my boycott is based on more personal reasons.

NBC. A friend trained for the last three years (that I’ve known him, but longer than that I’m sure) for the shot put U.S. Olympic Trials. During the Olympic trials this year, NBC chose to ignore all but four of the twelve finalists for the shot put while showing all the heats in the track competitions. NBC showed repeated ads for their sponsors but would not take the time to show a list of the finalists for the shot put.

NBC does NOT care about the athletes or the competition. NBC seems to only care about covering its sponsor’s contracts. NBC fails to comprehend that it covers this historic athletic competition and owes a duty to the ATHLETES who trained, including those who were simply finalists on the American stage.

I will be boycotting the Olympics, inspite of the fact that I truly enjoy the competition. Alas, this seems to be the only way to make my point since NO ONE at NBC responds to email.


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Burning Question

Reports from South Korean recount that a North Korean refugee poured gasoline on himself and attempted to ignite the gasoline. Police stopped this act. These acts occurred, not in isolation, but as part of the unplanned festivities associated with the Olympic torch tour, sponsored of course by China.

My question: Is self immolation really necessary? Will the Chinese government pay attention one person killing himself in this outlandish and horrible way? Or will the Chinese government blissfully go about their business happy to have one less protester, one less headache?

What will make the Chinese change their ways? That is a question for the ages. The Central Kingdom, although now Communist, still sees the world revolving around China. China, as it were, is the center of the universe NOT revolving around any other country or idea.

How can ideals and protests shift this several thousand year old paradigm? Very slowly. Self immolation only slows the progress though, leaving fewer protesters.

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Protests in a Free Country, Amazing

When Jack Cafferty delivered his commentary on the April 9, 2008 broadcast, his statements reflected the sentiments of some Americans, but not all. Cafferty’s commentary on China, according to reports, stated

We continue to import their junk with the lead paint on them and the poisoned pet food and export . . . jobs to places where you can pay workers a dollar a month to turn out the stuff that we’re buying from Wal-Mart. So I think our relationship with China has certainly changed. I think they’re basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years.

Cafferty’s characterization of the people running China was inflammatory. CNN and Cafferty have the right in this country to say whatever they wish to say. The United State of America, ladies and gentlemen, is a free country.

Chinese protestors convened outside the Hollywood office of CNN to express their outrage. These offended people of Chinese descent have the right to protest. These protestors convened, spoke to media (the LA Times), carried signs, and generally conducted themselves without incident or government involvement. The United States of America, ladies and gentlemen, is a free country.

In China, however, the government controls the media. The government forbids protests. The government eschews dissent.

I am thankful to have been born in this country. While many of the freedoms we enjoy and have been born with are eroding, protests remain sacrosanct.

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