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Beware the Media Tags

Contrary to the assertions of the media, the presidential race is not “down to two.” Bob Barr, Libertarian candidate for president, should not be ignored. Barr has name recognition from ten years back, leading the charge against President Clinton. 

More important than Barr himself is the existence of a libertarian party which offers a true alternative to the homogenous democrat and republican party. The actual differences between the two parties are miniscule. Find a party that reflects YOUR views not the views and opinions offered by media or the bland, benign big two parties.

Think for yourselves. Don’t be lead by the media, whatever their leanings. Research…question….choose for yourself.



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Bob Barr for President?

Bob Barr sounds like a man ready to run for President. In numerous quotes, Barr sets the stage to make actual change (not faux change of the leading political parties). If Barr and the Libertarian party find a spot on the general election ballot what while that mean for politics? It will mean choice. It will change the manner in which Americans view their political world. Much like Ross Perot’s campaign, the paradigm will shift from two definitive parties to three potential candidates. Barr’s association with the Libertarian Party will assist his placement on the ballot in some states.

For those who bemoan the possibility of votes being taken from McCain, this change is critical. The candidates are right, this country needs change. But the change the present candidates offer is false and superfluous. Bob Barr or any STRONG Libertarian candidate can offer a choice. An option that goes beyond Republican (no new taxes, but we’ll need them) and Democrat (we’ll raise taxes and spend more than that).

Good Luck, Mr. Barr. You’ll need it.


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Objective Criteria, not Gender

Camille Paglia does a much better job expressing this thought than I ever could. See April 21, 2008 commentary in Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2008/04/19/wuspols219.xml

Paglia makes known her intention to vote for Obama; she summarizes well the shortcomings of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and political career. Personally, I’m still waiting to see who will run as a Libertarian (Bob Barr launched a study committee) before making my final choice.

Bearing in mind Clinton’s lack of executive experience, the coattail riding of her husband, and the perception by some that women are expected to vote for her because she’s a woman, the feminists should grow up and evaluate candidates not based on bathroom selection but an objective criteria which analyzes both personal character and public experience and trackrecord.

Clinton’s track record with the truth (Bosnia snipers, medical insurance story) and her omissions of information (anyone recall those “missing” Rose Law firm billing records) do not bode well for this evaluation, if one is to be objective. Unfortunately, the old line feminists lead younger female voters down a primrose path. Simply because Clinton uses the women’s restroom does not mean that she reflects my ideas, goals and hopes for this country. I would hazard a guess that if women stopped and looked at Clinton that they too would find she has fewer aspects in common with them than Clinton would like for us to believe.

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