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A Bad New Year for Democrats

As we approach the beginning of a new Congress and the inauguration of the “change” president-elect Barack Obama, the Democrat Party faces old school challenges. As the tally for the U.S. Senate stands now, three Democrats seats remain unfilled.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, under the specter of indictment for offering a Senate seat to the highest bidder, appointed a Democrat with a track record and credentials to fill the Illinois Senate seat vacated by the president-elect. U.S. Senate Democrat leaders and the Illinois Secretary of State both balked at seating ANYONE appointed by Blagojevich given his recent history. Now legal authorities question whether anyone can stop the seating of Buris as the governor has unfettered discretion even though he has abused that discretion. This Democrat infighting cannot be beneficial to the president elect.

In New York, Senator Hillary Clinton, former presidential candidate, is now an appointee for the Obama cabinet. Two complications bubble up in this situation. First, will Governor Patterson appoint JFK’s daughter Caroline Kennedy to take Clinton’s seat? In face of complaints that Kennedy is untested and lacks credentials, Patterson, according to reports, continues to consider Kennedy as a candidate. Kennedy’s self-promotion tours failed based on news accounts. If nominated, can she get reelected? Is that something that Patterson should consider? Would Kennedy need to be able to campaign or will name recognition be enough?

On January 3, 2008, the New York Times reported the appearance of impropriety for Senator Clinton after reviewing the financial records of former President Bill Clinton’s foundation. A developer Robert J. Congel donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton’s foundation during the course of Hillary Clinton’s promotion and advocacy of Congel’s bid for tax breaks to expand and renovate a mall in Syracuse. Under normal circumstances, Bill Clinton’s finances would not be under such scrutiny. In consideration for a nomination of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton agreed, as a condition of such nomination, to disclose these financial documents. Should the Senate simply ignore the coincidence?

Further consider, that Hillary Clinton’s husband received donations from countries with which she will be required to negotiate, threaten and work with if she is confirmed by the Senate. Is this complicated relationship-the Clinton marriage/financial union as viewed in light of the foundation donations-an appropriate spectacle to be considering during this already stressful and tenuous political time? Will Barack Obama caste Hillary Clinton aside to avoid the further specter of corruption? Has he read “Blood Sport”?

Finally, Al Franken. Senate Republicans vow to block Franken taking a seat in the US Senate while legal challenges are pending. Legal challenges, you ask? Yes, as the recount continued during November and December, previously uncounted votes for Franken were “discovered” in hidden places. Seriously, does this pass the sniff test? Do the people of Minnesota really want us to believe that their bureaucrats are THAT incompetent?

So, it seems that during this joyous time for Democrats, the party shows signs of its own fissures. Among his other duties both domestic and international, Barack Obama should add unifier of the Democrat party. No one else has stepped into that breach. If he wants to pass his stimulus/bailout/taxpayer relief bill quickly, the president elect needs to mediate these problems. Otherwise, Congress will stalemated and the Senate Democrats will be 3 votes down!



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Blood Sport by James Stewart

12 years after its publication, Blood Sport reveals the Clinton mentality as users of people who surround them. Stewart traces the history of Whitewater, Jim and Susan McDougal with their accompanying cast of characters, Arkansas politicians who influenced and modeled behavior for Clinton, and the White House years. Stewart’s jumping off point, the suicide of Vince Foster, in medias res, grabs attention and raises red flags.

The Clinton White House, while Stewart’s information presents a clear case for suicide, acted as though the administration had something to hide relative to Foster’s death. Following the White Water history, the Travel Office incident, Kimba Wood, and Secret Service controversy, the administration intended to hide documents that Foster had. Bernard Nussbaum, the administration’s Cassandra, unwittingly dividied up documents from Foster’s office, at the request of the administration before the federal police could review the documents. 

Unfortunately for the Clintons, Nussbaum’s advice was ignored largely out of pigheaded ignorance. Believing that the Clinton White House was in fact a reincarnation of the Clinton’s gubernatorial administration where Southern politics ruled and secrets would be kept secret out of decorum the Clintons continued their efforts to act as “trustee” type rulers. In the philosophy applied by the Clintons, voters, media and everyone else should simply trust their word and acts without any sort of oversight or explanation from the decision makers. Hillary Clinton basically launched her Healthcare Initiative study without any public input or suggestion.

And perhaps, that is the point for me. Now Senator Clinton sees herself as a trustee who knows what is good for America and expects everyone to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, Senator Clinton lacks the charisma and Southern charm that her husband exudes. Somehow, her ivy league education overshadows whatever human nature and compassion she might actually possess.

The nature of the administration, fear of the wrath of the elected and his wife, lead individuals to forget their ethical duties and investigative duties. Investigative referrals from the S&L investigative body swept under the rug by Clinton sycophants resulted in an investigation of a relatively small failed S&L when efforts could have been better spent elsewhere. But the cover-up created intrigue where none would otherwise have caught fire.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton accepted all monetary assistance offered by those seeking favor with them. The pair asked few questions and paid little attention to the ramifications of their actions until their blind acceptance of assistance became a liability: Hillary Clinton’s investment in commodities based on insider information and the Whitewater investment largely financed by the McDougals.

The Clintons sought to remove the Travel Office staff and the Secret Service because they could not rely on them to cover for the Clintons and could not be used to benefit the family. The Clintons used their weight in government offering jobs to and threatening jobs of the State Troopers who felt compelled to clear the air about Bill Clinton’s extra-marital relationships. As with the McDougals, the Clintons sapped all the usefulness from anyone around them. At one point, Governor Clinton asked Jim McDougal to give some work to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm, which led to the ethical problems raised by the Rose Law Firm billing records.

Foster’s unfortunate death marked the end of the line for a man who could no longer cover for his “client” (Hillary Clinton), who could not reconcile his role and duties as representative for Clinton and ethical obligations as a lawyers and a person. The Clintons’ shotgun approach to government weighed heavily on Foster. Foster lacked the capacity to contradict or correct the ethically challenged Clintons. When faced with a valid ethical issue, Hillary Clinton’s representation of Jim McDougal’s S&L before the Arkansas banking commission, commission who reported to then Governor Clinton, Hillary Clinton reported that “she” had little or nothing to do with the representation. The reality of the situation, documentary proof, establishes that she wrote and signed documents sent to the Commission. Then, the billing records went missing: the famed Rose Law Firm billing records.

This book should be read by anyone considering voting for Senator Clinton and who cares about how government is run and delivered. No one is perfect and I do not expect Senator Clinton to be perfect. Senator Clinton, however, refuses to acknowledge clear and abiding ethic mistakes and judgment mistakes that led to the death of her law partner, friend, and best representative.

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Media Always at Fault in Clinton Eyes

Just read on Politico.com that Senator and former President Clinton are now blaming the media for Hillary’s demise. This refrain sounds familiar. This weekend I dusted off “Blood Sport” by James Stewart, a book I’ve owned for 12 years but never actually read. Throughout former President Clinton’s political life, now Senator Clinton has continually blamed the media for everything: Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater, draft dodging allegations.

While I’ve got about 150 pages left, the book is intriguing if only for the parallels to Senator Clinton’s campaign. The media misconstrued her statements about Bosnia, the media has chosen Obama. Senator Clinton continues to avoid ownership of her faults and her flaws, and those of her husband. A frequent aside from now Senator Clinton during the 1992 Presidential campaign lamented the fact the FDR was in a wheelchair and no one knew but the media now reported on all of Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes. Every misstep by every candidate, not just Senator and former President Clinton, is being shown under a bright spotlight.

The Clintons, however, never own their losses or faults. The media is to blame for focusing on Senator Clinton’s imperfections. But, in the Clinton’s eyes, Senator Clinton is beyond human, she is perfect. Criminy! Grow up.


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McCain’s Medical Records

The custom and practice in the U.S. has been that presidential candidates release their medical records. Senator McCain needs to do this and quickly. If he doesn’t release the records, his medical history will become a bigger issue than his known history already is.


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Hypocrisy of the Left

The University of Georgia scheduled Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, native Georgian, to deliver the commencement address this Spring. Some at the University challenge this choice. Why? Because during a Senate confirmation hearing, after which Thomas was confirmed and placed on the bench for life, sexual harassment claims were raised.

The challenge leads me to wonder: what if Bill Clinton were scheduled to speak? Would anyone of these challengers speak up? Would they note that sitting President Bill Clinton lied under oath, lied to the country, engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate while President of the United States, is alleged to have forced women to engage in sex acts with him? Not likely. When the issue of sexual harassment by former President Clinton arises, the left is deaf. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Many on the Left stood by Clinton through all of these allegations. Defended his behavior. The allegation of one incident against Thomas, to the Left, far outweighs the multiple allegations against Clinton.

The Senate investigated Justice Thomas, as only the Senate can, live and in technicolor, for all willing to watch. Thomas’s dirty laundry was dragged out in public for all to see, not hidden behind closed door depositions. Anita Hill was forced through the indignity of live testimony for all the public to see. The Senate made its determination that Thomas was fit to sit as a Justice on the Supreme Court.

Let me clear about a couple of things: I believed Anita Hill, I believed Kathleen Wiley and I believed Paula Jones. But on both issues: Clinton and Thomas-the Senate spoke. Both issues should be settled. But, Justice Thomas can not get away from it. Former President Clinton gives daily speeches and no one seems to recall his problems.

Please ladies and gentlemen of the Left, give it a rest. Your hypocrisy is deafening.

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The Clintons, former President William Jefferson Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, lack the necessary appreciation for veracity that many might seek in a presidential candidate and her spouse. The media, sycophants no more, point out blatant mischaracterizations by Senator Clinton of her personal experiences and the repetition of an inaccurate colloquial tale of medical insurance woe. Today, Politico.com reports that former President Clinton defended Senator Clinton attributing “end-of-the-day fatigue” as the cause of her Bosnia “mistake.” (Politoco.com, April 11, 2008, Bill Clinton defends wife’s Bosnia remarks”). A CBS producer, cited in the Politico.com story, points out that the St. Patrick’s Day speech former President Clinton referred to occurred “midmorning.”

Should voters hold Senator Clinton responsible for the speaking “mistakes” of former President Clinton? No. In fact, the voting public has a very short memory for Clinton speaking mistakes. The Clintons, collectively, will say whatever is necessary to illustrate the point at hand and move to the next. The Clintons find it easier in our society to ask for forgiveness than to tell the boring, non-illustrative truth.

The Clintons represent the negative of oration and public speaking. Dictionary.com lists several definitions for sophist.

American Heritage DictionaryCite This Source


    1. One skilled in elaborate and devious argumentation.
    2. A scholar or thinker.
  1. Sophist Any of a group of professional fifth-century B.C. Greek philosophers and teachers who speculated on theology, metaphysics, and the sciences, and who were later characterized by Plato as superficial manipulators of rhetoric and dialectic.

[Middle English sophiste, from Latin sophista, from Greek sophistēs, from sophizesthai, to become wise, from sophos, clever.]

Does manipulators of rhetoric and dialectic, sound familiar?

If Senator Clinton states that she entered a Bosnian airport under attack and later people on the trip contradict her, then according to Senator Clinton, she “misspoke” and “made a mistake.” Should Senator Clinton have empathy for all the Bosnians who existed in Hell on Earth under the wretched rule of their cruel and inhumane dictator? Yes, absolutely. Should Senator Clinton adopt Bosnia’s Hell on Earth as her own personal experience for the purpose of exploiting the Bosnian existence to impress voters with an example of her life under fire? Absolutely, NOT.

Does the time of day and fatigue excuse a speaker from wholly misrepresenting her life experiences with examples of traumatic life stories? No.

Former President Clinton believes that voters will buy whatever snake oil he’s selling. When the media, who keep track of every stop on each presidential candidate’s itinerary, hear such speeches from anyone, including the former President, they take note and now point to the conflicts. Former President Clinton floated his explanation for the mistake to determine how the justification would be received, to see if anyone noticed.

We did notice.

Here’s some advice, the truth will set you free. Lies will provide more negative coverage. Mischaracterizations of easily verifiable facts will provide more negative coverage.

Senator Clinton, you choose.


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