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Abdication of Responsibility

Dear Congress:

If you fail to act, you are choosing yourselves over your constituents. If you fail to make a choice to benefit voters and tax payers, you are abdicating your responsibility to guide this country.

Set aside your agendas, set aside your egos. You stand on the precipice of a tremendous decision. But failure to decide for whatever reason is a decision. Failure to reach an agreement, to find middle ground, will torpedo the already struggling economy.

While you sit in your fancy offices and argue over line items, understand that those of us on the outside looking into the beltway do not like what we see. We see men and women that we trusted with the future of this country paralyzed by the fear of decision making and governing.

Instead of statesmen & stateswomen choosing well and making the decision you are each pontificating and posturing to cover your fear with mindless speech. You fear that you will choose poorly and it will be held against you by voters.

Guess what?!? Your failure to choose is a decision and a vote for yourself and against your constituents. You best hope they don’t remember that!

Get off your asses and fix this, NOW.


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Memorial Day 2011

Interesting news of the day from a variety on sources.

Intellectual Stammer. Editorials discussing President Barack Obama’s “intellectual stammer” abound, including this LA Times editorial. While I am no defender of the President, anyone who speaks unscripted on a regular basis understands this condition. When prompted to a thought, many ideas assault the consciousness. The necessity of sifting through these ideas on the fly with lights and cameras, or in my case a room full of people, focused on you and you alone, creates a great deal of pressure. The stammering is actually a positive step. The President’s fully functioning brain is sorting out his thoughts. Would you prefer the alternative? An incompetent buffoon who is either tied to a script or answers questions with incoherent and embarrassing responses. (Tea Party Followers, please don’t answer, we already know…)

Double Standards. The IMF still applies the “old rules” for their Board. While employees follow a strict code of conduct relating to ethics and harassment, the Board self-polices the behavior of its members. That’s like letting the 5 year olds govern themselves. Are these people really above reproach? Until someone commits a crime in the U.S., I suppose.

Improving Economy? The LA Times reports small improvements in the U.S. economy. Forgive me, but these signs indicate a behavioral change by many Americans. This behavioral change with understanding of the situation is what this country needs. Change will not happen if we continue to behave as though money is growing on trees. More savings, reductions in credit card debt. What progress!

Running a small business. Here’s an article with advice on running a small business.

Europe’s E.coli scare. Apparently, the Spanish organic cucumber scare is spreading beyond Germany. What causes such an outbreak? Is this something we missed historically but has been happening all along? Or is this a new problem?

More pyramids? Cool technology makes intriguing find, pyramids under the ground.

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Taxes on Big Banks

Tim Geithner, President Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, now proposes a tax on big banks. Geithner says that the American people should be paid back for the bailout.

Mr. Geithner, who obviously does not pay attention to his bank fees, fails to appreciate that bank fees will increase on people who  have accounts. So, the reality becomes that the American people who pay taxes, live by the laws, and pay their bills will ultimately be responsible via their bank accounts for the bailout too.

This proposal is yet another example of the Obama administration taxing the responsible tax paying citizens for ill-advised expenditures. The imposition of this tax on banks is not a direct tax and therefore the Administration will be have cover to continue to blame banks. Do not be fooled: we will be responsible for this tax through increased fees.

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Friendly Security Reminder

Christmas 2009 brought the U.S. an unsettling reminder-airline security is not perfect. Unfortunately, the Obama administration fails to acknowledge, at least publicly, the words “terrorist” and “failure” of the security system. This morning, gossip and rumor, indicate that the bomber boarded that airplane without a passport. Seriously?

Mr. Obama’s policy of word parsing like many lawyers annoys and frustrates people who just want a facts and reality. In a courtroom, knit-picking and hair-spliting are perfectly acceptable behavior. Everyone in the courtroom, at least the lead actors, understand that the law is about the finer points of wording and phrasing. In the court of public opinion, however, the administration officials who dodge the use of the words terrorist and failure present as bobbing and weaving. Clearly, these people search for ways to avoid these words and fail to speak plainly.

Plain speech. Regular folks (those without law degrees or bureaucratic longevity) perceive that the administration is covering up something, hiding information and generally just lying to the public.

The Homeland Security Secretary said that the system worked because passengers stopped the attack. The general flying public is not charged with enforcing the laws of the skies. In fact, if the general public tried to enforce laws, they would be investigated and arrested because flight restrictions are so STRICT. The passengers reacted the way humans respond-fight or flight. Thankfully for the remaining passengers, some folks responded by fighting and self-sacrifice. Honestly, if the Obama administration’s view of success is relying on human nature, we’re all really in trouble.

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Action and Reaction

As 2009 winds on, the expansion of the Federal government into the lives and homes of the American people is becoming more and more inescapable. In the Western United States, citizens respond with expansive gun legislation. At what point do we as voters and taxpayers draw the line? How do we draw that line? 

The Bush Administration slowly eroded the independence of states during that 8 year term in the name of education and the common defense against terrorism. In the last months since his inauguration, the Obama administration has created czars for every issue under the sun without any legislative oversight. These czars wield power and control over tax payer money without any recourse through the checks and balances of the Constitution.

How do we stop the expansion of government?

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Justice Debate

As we continue to wait for President Obama’s selection to replace Justice Souter, Stanley Fish discussed both sides of the law versus empathy debate in his NYTimes post. Read for yourself and decide, do you want someone who follows the established rules or someone who follows their feelings.

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When Reality Strikes!

The media, apparently still in love with President Obama, now recasts Mr. Obama’s policy shifts as “pragmatism” and being “unafraid to disappoint supporters.” News flash: Reality Bites. Reality struck the Obama administration squarely in the jaw. If Mr. Obama intended to keep the promises he made during the campaign, the real issues and impact of the promises have provided a rude awakening. Promises made to ivy tower, left leaning idealists have now been stopped short by the dirty, unclean reality of a world that fails to fit into the models and scientific methods of liberal ideal world.

One must consider however that perhaps the Obama campaign wave was a show. During the campaign, Mr. Obama’s speeches offered to please all of the people all of the time. No politician can agree with and support divergent opinions and keep everyone happy. Did Obama just tell people what they wanted to hear? Now, the President has stated that this country cannot continue to incur debt. Really, Mr. Obama, because you continue to propose debt based funding bills. Are you seeking to tax those of us who work at a higher rate to support our fellow citizen? Are you laying that groundwork? I hope not. Tea parties are just beginning of outrage for taxpayers. 

The other option: reduce the size of government. Is that what President Obama is seeking? We can only dream. But don’t hold your breath!

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