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Random News: October 22, 2011

Getting rid of Rupert Murdoch. Turmeric for joint pain. Bears move-in, and don’t move out. Cain’s 9-9-9, why? Qaddafi’s death. Iraqi’s independence from U.S. supervision. Occupy Your City. BP back to Gulf of Mexico.

Put away the Garlic and silver bullets. Stockholders meetings take on a different tone these days. In the Murdochs’ case, the family controls the vote. Rupert Murdoch, to his credit, spoke to the issues at hand and addressed the angry stokeholders. How to get rid of the man? Dump your stock, don’t buy his papers.

Alternative medicine. The myth busters at the NYTimes health blog report turmeric may aid joint pain. All I can say is it has helped me. Check with a doctor.

What’s the draw? Herman Cain offers a new tax plan, 9-9-9: 9%income tax, 9% sales tax, 9% corporate tax. NPR reports this analysis, which now includes 0% income tax for those below the poverty line. Why the fascination with this tax plan? Simplicity. Easy to understand. Easy to apply. Easy to enforce. For people outside the Beltway (and on the out side of the political game), simple, easy and self explanatory will sell more quickly than complicated, complex and jargon laden. Make a note politicos: The businessman talks sense and speaks to the common man. You might learn something.

On Qaddafi’s death. Apparently the UN and the US want an investigation into the death of Qaddafi. Personally, I’m glad that whatever happened to Qaddafi occurred at the hands of his fellow countrymen, i.e. not at the hand of Seal Team 6 or the CIA. This story won’t be piled onto the U.S. bonfire burning in the Middle East.

Be careful what you demand. Obama ordered the pull out of ALL U.S. troops from Iraq once negotiations fell apart. Iraq is happy about this. Here’s hoping the U.S. didn’t create an impossible situation for the Iraqis.

Space invaders? Humans invaded space previously occupied by wildlife in North Georgia. Now, the wildlife maybe moving back into the neighborhood. Here’s hoping it’s not a bear-eat-human world.

Occupy Movement Meeting Resistance? After weeks of reportedly peaceful protests, the Occupy movement may meet resistance in Oakland. NPR reports that the protesters defied an order to abandon their post. How to handle the protest? This question puzzles cities all over the country. Wondering how it will unfold.

BP returns to the Gulf. British Petroleum is cleared to return to search for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps a safety regulator could participate as well.



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Fan Letter to Tom Glavine

Dear Tom Glavine:

The changes in the Atlanta Braves over the last few years make me less likely to follow the games. Your summary firing last week was tactless. But Please! Please stopping whining. Please place a muzzle on your agent. 

If you choose to file a complaint with Major League Baseball, then you should do it; just stop talking about it. No one wants to hear your whining. If the standard of proof is that you can still pitch successfully in the majors, go get a job somewhere else. Prove them wrong. You complaining to every open microphone is unseemly. The Braves management does not care what the public thinks (see John Smoltz.)

While I have a great deal of empathy for your plight, your whining campaign only shows your weakness. The campaign has no impact on the decision makers.

Your fan,

Salmon and Grits

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Is this REALLY News?

The AJC is reporting today that Matt Ryan, rookie draft pick of the Falcons, will take over for Mike Vick on AirTran billboards. Is this really news? Why is it a headline that a football player will be an advertising icon for a company?

Isn’t that just free advertising for the company? Wow! That must be how you don’t sell news papers and go out of business.

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Skip Caray

Yesterday, Skip Carey the ascerbic  voice of the Atlanta Braves passed away. Carey provided not only wonderful commentary on the games but took the time to point out the flaws in government and failed logic of others in news. I grew up listening to Carey and learned much (some of which I didn’t understand at 10 years old) about the world. Now these many years later, I appreciate the changes he undertook in his life and that his personality didn’t change.

Skip Carey will be missed. He was a unique voice and refused to fit anyone’s mold. Thank God.

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San Antonio, Here we come!

On Wednesday, we left Atlanta via the WORLD’S busiest airport. Ok, maybe just the US’s busiest, but the population of the airport seemed to exceed the per capita space designated for capacity. AirTran was on time and we arrived at San Antonio Airport, thankfully not the busiest airport on time.

Through Hotwire, we ACTUALLY scored a four star hotel at a really great price. La Mansion del Rio is beautiful and on the Riverwalk. In lieu of valet parking at $28 per day, we opted for the public parking across the street, $7.50 day. Below is the evening view from our hotel room.

We ate dinner on the Riverwalk at Countyline BBQ. John ordered a sampler plate, and I sampled. The meat was pretty good but covered with sauce. I found it difficult to taste the actual meat due to the heavy taste of the sauce. Their sweet tea passed muster (they understand how to make the tea but not enough sugar.) The half loaf of bread was good. If you’re stuck on the Riverwalk and need a place to eat, Countyline would be fine. But if you’re hunting great BBQ, you might investigate other options.

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Hot Celebrity Accessory: Mugshot

No wonder children and teenagers fail to understand why following the rules and staying out of trouble will benefit them.

Over the weekend, three NFL players joined the new trend. Although, Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts wasn’t arrested, Harrison is under investigation in a shooting outside a Philadelphia establishment that he owns. Cedric Benson of the Bears was stopped while driving a boat. Michael Boley, Atlanta Falcons, allegedly beat up his wife.

The media hype around Brittany Spears’ custody hearing that hasn’t happened yet is disgusting. The Brittany hiatus is over. Lindsey Lohan complains about the use of her mugshot in an ad.

The media only minimally covered Keifer Sutherland’s admission to DUI and his voluntary incarceration. Sutherland took responsibility for his actions and has hopefully gotten some treatment. Also, good news from LSU, the football team kicked their quarterback off the team for failing to comply with team rules.

When the media and the public treat investigation, arrest and incarceration like a badge of honor and do NOT shun people who fail to take responsibility for their actions and glorify the criminal activity, children and teenagers learn negative lessons and society will suffer. Parents should use these opportunities to teach children right from wrong, good from bad. But, it’s just easier to sit kids in front of the t.v., computer or video game and ignore them. So, soon their children will inexplicably (to the parents) obtain the new celebrity accessory. And the parents won’t understand how THEIR child could have been arrested.

Update: 05/08/08

Please add to accessory bearers–Gary Dourdan, CSI (the original) star and now saddled with drug possession charges. Also, Joe Hamilton, former Ga Tech QB and now former Ga Tech football staff member, was arrested for DUI and drug possession and left his job with Ga Tech yesterday.

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Upstart Hawks

Amazing. The Atlanta Hawks, with a season record of 37-45, play game 7 in the first round of NBA playoffs against the Boston Celtics (who had the best basketball record this season).

Was it the tornado that hit Atlanta a month ago? UGA won an improbable SEC championship following back to back wins in one day on the day following the tornado. Has something changed the spirit in the air for basketball in Atlanta?

Who knows? ESPN reported yesterday that the Hawks are the youngest team in the league. Ignorance is bliss-always good, they just don’t know that they should roll over and play dead. Whatever happens tomorrow in Boston (Atlanta hasn’t won in Boston this year) the Hawks are successful this year.

Keep that inspiration going guys and don’t forget: it’s not about the season record, it’s just the 60 minutes in that one game. Like any other game…

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