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2008: Advanced Voting Experience

Today, I chose to vote early instead of my preference for actual election day. In Athens, one can vote either at the Board of Elections or the Classic Center (civic center). While standing in the cattle lines, a man who was also in line to vote asked John and I if we knew the party affiliation of the Court of Appeals candidates. As politely as I could muster, I indicated that the election was non-partisan. He continued to ask people how to vote WHILE STANDING IN LINE. This man did indicate that he should have done better research before coming to vote. Seriously? And he gets to vote and choose who will be deciding cases in the Court of Appeals. Yikes!

As we entered the voting and another cattle line, a woman began asking the already busy pollworkers if she could get a printout of her vote to PROVE how she voted today. She did not ask quietly. No, the whole place could hear her. She continued pressing the issue and got agitated to some degree. I feared she might start some sort of revolt. She said that she’d been asking for that for 8 years. Honestly, in the 19 years that I’ve been voting no one has ever been able to make a copy of a vote. What is the world coming to? Did she want to post this one her refrigerator?

Not to mention the guy standing the big holding room who looked at the Sample Ballot and said “I don’t live here who do I vote for. Well, I live here now. But, I don’t know who to vote for.” Crimminy!

Why do people persist in being hardheaded? If you don’t know who to vote for, then don’t show up to vote. If you keep asking the same question, year in and year out, and get the same answer, why continue? If you seek a change, DON’T wait until you show up at the polling place and harass the volunteers. Challenge the people who make the decisions. And GROW THE HELL UP.


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Why the Media Should Apologize!

Dear Politico.com:

The media should apologize for not thinking before speaking. Are questions about the candidate valid? The candidate’s record? Absolutely. You liberal minded writers have valid questions.

When you ask, HOWEVER, whether a woman should be at home raising her child instead of running a state or a corporation you have turned the clock back entirely too far and shown misogynist roots! When the teenage daughter of this candidate has made a difficult choice-why should she be vilified?

Keep on topic. Ask your questions. Just remember, no one asked if she should be barefoot pregnant but y’all came damn close. Being a sexist will get you criticized every time.

The elitist problem the media will never get over. Until you understand the intricate workings of a small town, y’all will never understand how simply elitist you really are.

Thanks for your attention.


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You can’t be serious

The media are “hurt” by John McCain’s attacks on their credibility and ethics? According to the New York Times today  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/04/us/politics/04media.html that’s the case.

How dare John McCain point out that the media treat one candidate differently from another? How could he possibly expect that the media would treat a female candidate the same as the male candidates? Why that’s just plain wrong. The media should be able to personally attack anyone they choose without scrutiny or recourse, right? No one looks over their shoulder to insure quality, ethics and standards are being met because the media have no quality, ethics or standards. Who does John McCain think he is?

New Flash: The liberal media need to find a place where they can objectively see themselves and what they have become. Right now, the liberal media functions as the public relations arm of the Obama campaign. Can these people seriously say that in the 21st century questioning the ability of a woman to govern is a fair question? Can the media justify taking a microscope to the life of Sarah Palin and her family without using that same lens to examine the lives of Joe Biden and Barack Obama and John McCain? Can these biased political observers explain why the privacy of Obama is observed when the privacy of Palin is not?

If so, I’d like to hear it. The answer should not include the fact that before Friday no one had ever heard of Governor Sarah Palin. The natural curiosity of a reporter does not equate to a story that should appear in a newspaper or on the internet. The prurient interests of editors and reporters should not justify the vilification of a teenage girl who made a mistake and then a choice.

Somebody needs to find real objective standards for the media.

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Senator Barack Obama spent the better part of the weekend comparing his qualifications to the qualifications of Governor Sarah Palin. Why? Following nomination as Presidential candidate for the Democrats, Obama focused a significant amount of energy comparing the qualifications of the Presidential candidate to the qualifications of the would-be Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Why?

Because Obama’s accomplishments fall far short of John McCain’s actual accomplishments. Obama says that his campaign is a movement for change. What change has he accomplished? What legislation has his name on it? None.

McCain found a running mate who bucks the system, stands up for an objective standard of right, and who has in fact been an agent of change. Palin’s successes in Alaska make Obama appear to be the Washington establishment elitist that he is. Obama shouldn’t be comparing himself to Palin. But if he does, all the better, he’s just conceding that McCain is more qualified.

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Any Publicity…

Governor Sarah Palin’s family and gender provide the Republican Party with something they can’t buy: lead stories in every major newspaper in the country AND a backlash against the liberal, sexist media. The media has yet to discover that regular folks really identify with Palin. Raised to believe we could do and be anything that we wanted, regular folks do not know “their place” in society while the elitist Democrats and the yellow media continue to remind them of “their place.”

Guess what? We vote and we blog.

You yellow journalists get a clue: we don’t care. You green eco-friendly mudslingers are wasting paper and trees.

Why do you not pick on Senator Obama’s six months as a Senator before beginning his run for president? Why do you not investigate his relationship with Tony Rezko? Why do you not ask if HE should be concerned about his children’s upbringing in the White House?

Why? Because the liberal, yellow media intend to protect Obama from Obama. The liberal, yellow media have decided that Obama should be President and we the public should eat the drivel the media dishes out to us.

If the best issue the media have against Palin is her GENDER and her FAMILY, then the Democrats have a larger problem and the Republicans have the media vetting accomplished within a week. The good side: Palin-worts and all-will be out there and she will be able to address her positions and the issues.

Palin doesn’t deserve the negative press. No person does. No woman should be subjected to HIGHER scrutiny than any other person running for office. Fortunately, McCain picked a tough, strong woman who is a seasoned veteran of small town life. For you citified elitists out there, small town life is MORE vicious than anything you dish out for her.

Leave the children alone. Keep the headlines coming. The more Palin’s name is in the headlines-the less Obama’s name appears there.

Oh, by the way, I’ll now be watching a speech that I had not intended to watch and I expect many others like me will listen to her as well. The Republicans should say thank you.

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Back to the Future?

The Old Grey Lady shows her stripes today. She published an article where women question the ability of a woman to execute the duties of Vice President and be the mother of five children. I’m sorry, did I wake up in the 1950’s? 

Does anyone ask if a woman can be CEO of a Fortune 500 company on call 24/7 to deal with the massive duties? No, their lives are not plastered across the front page of the newspaper. Does anyone ask if Barack Obama can handle being a father to his two young daughters and be president? Of course not, he’s got a Y chromosome, he gets a pass.

In the 21st century, a liberal newspaper questions the capacity of a female, who happens to be conservative, to do A JOB.  Should she be barefoot and pregnant, too? I believe in free press. If a conservative rag made statements and posed these questions about Nancy Pelosi or the like, that author would be figuratively publicly flogged and black balled. 

Let’s be clear NY Times: You are hypocrites. If Sarah Palin makes a choice about how to live her life, perform her duties and raise her children, you have no right to question that unless you’re willing to expose Mr. Obama and his wife to the same scrutiny. Who cares for the Obama children? She works. But, that’s ok because she’s a liberal. She must care more.

Get over yourself. Governor Palin makes the same choice to run for Vice President as any other woman who chooses a job that requires working 24/7. Are you willing to condemn those women as well?

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When life gives you tomatoes

…make a Bloody Mary. That’s what the Republicans have done. Instead conducting the evening’s planned infomercial, the Republicans held a fundraiser for the people of the Gulf coast. Thank you.

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