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Parental Responsibility

Parents jailed in school truancy crackdown

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A DeKalb County crackdown on school truancy has begun with the jailing of nine parents.

The parents were arrested Tuesday and appeared in jail uniforms Wednesday morning before Chief Recorders Court Judge R. Joy Walker to have bonds set.

Solicitor General Robert James said Tuesday’s sweep by representatives of his office, the district attorney, sheriff’s office and county police began as an effort to arrest 59 people who have not complied with earlier orders to get their children to school regularly or to participate in diversion programs.

“If children are not in school, teachers cannot teach,” James said.

Parents can be charged with educational neglect when a child has more than five unexcused absences in a school year. James said his office offers a diversion program for parents of children who exceed the limit and typically does not take a parent to court until there are at least 12 unexcused absences.

He said most of the parents who now face arrest have children who have missed 40 to 50 days of school.

James recently offered parents facing educational neglect charges two “amnesty days” to meet with authorities and avoid arrest. He said 39 parents responded to that offer.

Someone expects parents to take responsibility for their children. The HORROR! What next? Being required to talk to the children, too. 



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Surprise! It’s a hoax.

When Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer reported that that they found Big Foot in the North Georgia mountains, who REALLY thought Big Foot lived in N. Ga.? Seriously. 

We have bears and any other manner of wildlife here in the piney woods and the Appalachian Trail. William Lett, an Indiana man, negotiated a deal for Tom Biscardi of California to purchase this Big Foot from Whitton/Dyer. Lett now wants Whitton/Dyer arrested for fraud. Come on. If Lett was so concerned, why did he not take an actual look at the thing before purchasing or make it a condition of the deal that he check out the corpse? Are Big Foot hunters really that naive?

This little tale falls into the category of the Great American Hoaxes. Grow up. An inspection of the carcass would have revealed a zipper and synthetic hair. A brain surgeon and rocket scientist are not required for this endeavor.

If someone has $50,000.00 to waste on a Big Foot, he also has could stand to lose $50k on a hoax. Caveat emptor!


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Obama Nation Abomination

Jerome Corsi wrote a book which according to reports compiles all the rumors and suspicions about Senator Barack Obama, his history, his politics and his religion. An article written by the Associate Press (AP) editorializes about the book’s contents while reporting on the 40 page Obama tome responding to and purportedly debunking the contents of the story. See the story at 

One must question the objectivity of the media when the widely accepted source of news writes an article  which fails to cite authority for statements and instead asserts information as a fact which the author makes sounding in commentary.

The article takes issue with Corsi’s recitation of fact. I have not read Corsi’s book and the contents of Corsi’s book are not the issue. What is troubling is that the media do not see the lack of objectivity. The AP challenges what it reports as Corsi’s  “book is a compilation of all the innuendo and false rumors against Obama — that he was raised a Muslim, attended a radical, black church and secretly has a “black rage” hidden beneath the surface.” In response to this summary, the AP reports “In fact, Obama is a Christian who attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.” Really? Regardless of the religion, does the AP know what is in the heart of Obama? The report should read-Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for (however many) years and claims to be Christian. The author SHOULD NOT be asserting his or her opinion about anything. Further, the AUTHOR of the article asserts:

Corsi suggests, without a shred of proof, that Obama may be using drugs today. Obama has acknowledged using marijuana and cocaine as a teenager but says he quit when he went to college and hasn’t used drugs since.

Corsi makes an issue of the fact that, before he quit smoking cigarettes, Obama didn’t want it widely known that he smoked. “If Obama takes pains to hide his smoking from us, what else does he take pains to hide?” Corsi asks in the book.

Corsi also dwells on Obama’s mother marrying Obama’s African father and later marrying someone from Indonesia — whom Corsi describes as “a second man of color to be her mate.” The Obama campaign says the description is one of many examples of Corsi’s “offensive language” in the book.

 He claims Obama received extensive Islamic religious education as a boy in Indonesia, education that was only offered to the truly faithful. Actually, Obama is a Christian and asboy he attended both Catholic school and Indonesian public schools where some basic study of the Koran was offered.

He accuses Obama of wanting to weaken the military even though Obama’s campaign calls for adding 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines.”

The author only makes attribution to the Obama campaign’s response in one of the five claims above. Reporting should be as neutral as possible. This article passed the scrutiny of an editor. How is that possible?

Because the media not only fail to question Obama, they are also protecting Obama. Obama, impossibly, is above reproach in the eyes of the media.

In an on FOXNEWS this morning Corsi answered questions about the threats he has received as a result of writing and publishing this book. We do still live in a free country? Right? 

The media’s behavior is an abomination. Who monitors their ethics? Who monitors their objectivity? No one. Those would impede the free press? Maybe. Shouldn’t they just police themselves?


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Home Security Update: Day 24

Yesterday I finally broke down and called Brinks. A friend recommended them and he wasn’t wrong. The local company used by Brinks inspired confidence. On time and prompt, the company effectively discussed the products, dissuaded me from keyfobs and it’s installed. Brinks is a well known name and the local company gave me a cell number for the owner if the system has a problem. I’ll keep y’all updated.

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The Case for Dismissing Humphrey

The University of Georgia’s Mens Basketball Team dismissed Billy Humphrey one of the stars of UGA’s cinderella SEC championship this season. Early Tuesday morning Humphrey earned a DUI charge. But this is not Humphrey’s first encounter with law enforcement. This arrest is his third in 18 months. Dennis Felton mastermind of the miraculous cinderella championship announced Humphrey’s dismissal today. 

According the, Humphrey reportedly said “Please. Please. Please. I am begging you not do this. You’ll ruin my career.” Funny, Mr. Humphrey is the one who is under 21, drinking alcohol, driving and carrying an open container alcohol in his backpack. The POLICE did nothing wrong. The Police didn’t do this to Humphrey.

Humphrey did this to himself. Unfortunately Humphrey is a classic example of the problem with some athletes today. He takes no personal responsibility for his acts. Given criminal probation (according to by the courts in November, 2007, Humphrey was again arrested February on alcohol related charges. 

If Humphrey is old enough to plan his career, he’s old enough to take responsibility for his actions. Finally, the NCAA and universities are holding the athletes accountable. Given two second chances and opportunities to change, Humphrey hit his third strike. The problem is Humphrey could already see his name in headlines and lights. He does not understand the responsibility that follows the fame.

Humphrey and his fellow mugshot athletes cast a negative light on the masses of law abiding, excellent college athletes who becomes successful and never have their name listed as “suspect” in a police report.

Thank you, Coach Felton.


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Take Action! (if you mean it)

Both Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama criticized the U.S. Supreme Court decision this week which overturned Lousiana’s statute permitting the imposition of the death penalty in cases of child rape. Each man right now has the status and capacity to take action and change the Supreme Court’s ruling. How? you may ask: Constitutional Amendment. As Senators each candidate enjoys the privilege of presenting legislation which would start the process to modify the U.S. Constitution.

Quite frankly, each man is running for office. Regardless of the decision, each man would have disagreed with the ruling, if only to get face time on t.v. The only way to know for certain whether either candidate is serious about his objection is to evaluate the actions he takes consistent with his formal statements. Neither man has shown his face, of late in the Senate. But, if either is to be taken seriously, he should put his campaign where his mouth is, gather supporters and present a bill to permit the several States to legislate what criminals will be subject to the death penalty-not the federal government OR whatever other creation with which they might be comfortable.

As President neither man would be in a position to effect this degree of change. President, the executive, must rely on his minions in the Legislative body to present legislation to make changes. The Supreme Court is currently fully stocked and no one seems to be leaving anytime soon. The new president would need to wait years to effect change through those robed souls of the judiciary.

No, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT for these men. Stop pandering to voters and act on your “purported” convictions. Prove once and for all that you, either of you, is a man of your stated convictions. Call the office get ’em drafting, they’re not busy with you gone…

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Security System Search: Day 3

Yesterday, one company returned my phone call. He gave me an estimate over the phone without seeing my home and assessing it for vulnerabilities. Not inspiring. While on the phone with him, I was placed on hold or held on while he spoke on another phone at least two times. I can’t help wondering is that how their monitoring works?

Today, a third company was scheduled to meet me in my home at 2:00 p.m. It’s now 2:25 p.m. I’ve not seen or heard from them. Reliability is important in a security company isn’t it? 

Now, I’m beginning realize why I’ve not done this before now. The entire process is intolerable.

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