About Salmon and Grits

Original of cropped photo header of blog

Salmon and Grits is my favorite meal when dining out and can be found at The Last Resort in Athens, Georgia. As a southerner and a Georgian (not to be confused with modern Atlantans), grits constituted a staple of my diet as a child. Salmon became a favorite later in life after completing undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia and law school at Georgia State. [No, I will no give you free legal advice]. My law practice can be found here.

After a tour of north Georgia, I returned to beautiful Northeast Georgia. This blog is my venue for discussion on many topics.

My avatar is Sugar, my 42 lb lap dog. She is half lab, half beagle according to the folks who rescued her.

The picture at the top of the page was taken during July 2007 of the Intercoastal Waterway view from the Jekyll Island Club, Jekyll Island, Georgia.


One response to “About Salmon and Grits

  1. aiken

    I’m so glad to know the source of the pix that opens your blog. I love it! It makes me want to simply sit and go “ahhh.” GREAT blog, btw!!

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