Retraction: With a Flourish

“This American Life” and its host Ira Glass will dedicate an entire hour to retract an episode aired excoriating Apple and Apple’s Chinese factories.

Why? Glass is highly respected and he prides himself on the work of his show. Or at least that’s my impression from listening to his show and the fallout from the Drug Court episode with the attendant hoopla that followed in Georgia and in the Georgia legal community.

Glass’s choice to retract with headlines and “sound and fury” reflects something that is missing in much of today’s journalism, if you can call it journalism. The Apple Factory story created a frenzy against Apple. Glass’s choice to highlight the mistake made with the same press and controversy shows a respect for objective truth and a recognition that neither he nor his show are perfect.

When retractions and corrections are but footnotes on an inside page of major news papers, Glass publicizes his own mistake with an hour not merely a quiet voice note during the current episode. The media could learn from Glass. But I doubt they’re paying attention.


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  1. Sharon

    I haven’t been here, on site, for a while, but I agree completely with your assessment of today’s “journalists” and Ira Glass.

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