Castle Terrace: Edinburgh

The first night of my visit to Edinburgh our group ate a splendid meal at Castle Terrace. Sally Parrott Ashbrook, creator of Tilth and a member of our group, organized the meal with the staff at Castle Terrace. Many of our group members suffered food allergies and Castle Terrace created a menu for our group that was spectacular. The servers tirelessly attended to the group and provided guidance about the menu options. I highly recommend Castle Terrace for an appetizing and comfortable meal. The prices may be higher than the average traveler plans to spend, but the meal and service are worth the price. Castle Terrace is located beyond the Castle.


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  1. It was definitely a fun fancy dinner experience 🙂 Most memorable for me were: the cheese plates, and that appetizer with the Cesar Salad dressing that explodes in your mouth.

    I also liked how small-scale and intimate the place felt.

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