Random News; January 24, 2012

NCAA Disparate Treatment. Rushdie, still? Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Danielsville?

NCAA Outrage. Joe Nocera of the N Y Times writes about a college basketball player suspended because his mother took a plane ticket and then may have accepted money from family friends to support Christmas. So let me get this straight, Cameron Newton’s father can accept a large check to steer his son to a school without repercussions to the son or the school, BUT a single mother of four accepting a plane ticket and help from family friends is suspect. It’s time for the people who buy tickets and donate money to stand up to this outrageous behavior. This young man, it looks like, did not accept any of this assistance and he is being punished by an arbitrary and capricious bureaucracy which chews up hope and dreams in the name of “justice.” Shame on you, NCAA!

Long memory. Salman Rushdie’s appearance by video at a Literary Festival in India has been cancelled due to protests and threats of violence by Muslims. Rushdie cancelled his scheduled live appearance due to death threats. While I understand that “Satanic Verses” had some very offensive chapters, the rest of it was incomprehensible. No one would have read the book, least of all me, if Ayatollah Khomeini had not issued the fatwa for Rushdie’s execution. It’s been more than 20 years. Stop talking about, you’re only making him more “famous.”

Careful what you Occupy. Occupy Wall Street Protesters traveling to the King Memorial in Atlanta, passed through Danielsville, Georgia yesterday. Apparently, someone felt “harassed” and called the police. Two protesters were arrested when they failed to provide identification. Really? Yes, folks, really. Fortunately, the judge released them. Hopefully, those charges will just go away. They should.


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