Random News: September 17, 2011

Compassionate Burglary Victim. Stupid Criminals. Flipside of Reality T.V. Details of Logan Airport Security on 9/11/01. Great Article on Education. Military Cure for What Ails Them.

Not sure I’d be this nice. This burglary victim has more compassion than I would. After being gone 10 days, he comes home to find some one had a party in his home and left the back doors open.

Poor Planning? Dumb Idea. The robbers clearly had no idea what they were doing. Course, if they were smart, I would never have any work.

Party Crashers Saga Continues. The Salahis are in the news again. She’s left him. He reported her missing. She’s touring with the band Journey. He’s now banned from Journey concerts. Stay tuned, I’m guessing this isn’t over. “When dumb reality goes viral.”

Wrongful Death Suit Yields Details. A wrongful death lawsuit against United Airlines and the Logan Airport Security provides interesting tidbits that help us see the failures that may have contributed to terrorists and their weapons gaining access to a plane at Logan.

Children are Resilient and Resourceful. Parents who trusted their instincts in the face of children who were facing extreme challenges report the benefits to their children. Children are capable of a great many tasks when given support and opportunity. Our society would do well to remember that.

Keeping Up Camaraderie. The soldiers found a way to maintain friendships and deal with their experiences in an old Irish sport. Worth the listen.


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