Random News: September 16, 2011

Mickey Rooney-Elder Abuse. Secret to Success? Astronomy. American Heroes! Apple Juice & Arsenic. Warning sign for Heart Attack. Disparate theories of policing. Stay in Texas Death Penalty Case. Til Death Do You Part, Revised.

Who’s Picking on Mickey Rooney? It’s always sad to hear someone is taking advantage of an older person. Mickey Rooney’s case sounds like an episode of soap opera. Just know that this happens to people who are worth far less than Mickey Rooney. Take care of those who took care of you.

Secret to Success? NYTimes Magazine article. Just read it.

Planet of the Rising Suns. Very cool discovery out in the universe. A planet with two suns.

Medal of Honor & Navy Cross. These two marines saved many lives. They deserve the admiration of their country. Listen to their story of courage and sacrifice here.

Dr. Oz and the curious case of apple juice. Dr. Oz warns of arsenic levels in apple juice on national television. The FDA (a government agency) disputes that claim, faulty science was used. Summary of matter here. Will Dr. Oz be subject to a food disparagement law suit like his compadre Oprah? Certainly, it’s one way to get wider publicity.

Heart Attack Warning Sign? More science. Marks on eyelids are heart attack warning sign?

Requirements of Immigration Police. Community policing works at the street level to quell problems before they start, or catch problems before the problem escalates. A group now says that the immigration policies now in force around the county disrupt that process, community policing.

Justice is Color Blind, Right? Not for Rick Perry. Texas Governor, and Republican Presidential Hopeful, Rick Perry refused to stay an execution where the jury heard that the defendant was more likely to reoffend because he was black. The U.S. Supreme Court thankfully remembers that we are all equal under the law. How this issue was raised before this week is a question that will bother many. I don’t know. But what I do know is that jurors should NEVER have heard such a statement and no person should ever utter such a statement. No educated, credentialed person who would qualify as an expert in this modern age should make this type of statement. No science exists to support such an outrageous and damaging idiotic conclusion. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial. If you don’t like that MOVE TO CHINA.

Pat Robertson Amends Marriage Vows. Funny, the divorce is high. Pat Robertson, a Christian minister, one who presumably supports the whole “til death do us part” theory of marriage, now say Alzheimer’s disease is grounds for divorce. Wow! Crazy!



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