Random News: September 12, 2011

Athens Gameday Police Blotter. Jacqueline Kennedy’s Unvarnished Opinions. The Exercise Cult of Gym Jones? Serena Williams Rants Again. New Type of Battery? Airport Nuisance Follow up. The LA Times Take on the Erosion Of Rights.

Will They NEVER Learn. The Athens Banner Herald provides this entertaining summary of the notable arrests from the game weekend.

Another Jacqueline Kennedy Book, this book sounds interesting. The N Y Times touts this book as her “tart” opinions on world leaders.

Gym Jones. This article provides a look into what sounds like a cult but may just be a different take on physical and mental fitness.

Is Serena that Different? I recall watching John McEnroe argue with officials during tennis matches. Is Serena’s rant any different? I do not recall the specifics. This incident doesn’t rise to the level of the last one for sure.

Jelly Batteries? BBC reports, you figure it out. Polymer Jelly Batteries.

Don’t Feed the Animals. The man charged with feeding the birds near a California airport pleads not guilty. Sounds like a trial to me.

Choosing Security Over Freedom. Bad Call. This LA Times editorial outlines how Congress continues to erode our rights in the name of security.



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