Random News: September 10, 2011

Deal Struck for Kidney Patients. Show of Force. Earthquake. Good Investigative Strategy, Wrong Application.

Dialysis to Continue. Grady Hospital closed its dialysis clinic two years ago and indigent people have been at the mercy of others for that long. The contract that provided service to these predominantly illegal immigrants expired. A deal has been struck to provide treatment again. This situation is a conundrum for me. The government should not necessarily be required to provide services to people who should provide treatment for themselves. However, the government has made it virtually impossible for healthy illegal immigrants to obtain employment. These people require dialysis three times per week and could not probably work a job that would provide health insurance. Some how the callous decision to withhold treatment to folks who without the treatment will end up at Grady in much more serious condition and require hospitalization seems illogical and just plain wrong.

Show Me the…Firepower. Apparently the credible but unsubstantiated national security threat has brought out the heavy artillery. The show of force is very nice. But it’s just that show. Now N Y and DC are police states. Having visited Berlin during the 20th Anniversary of the Wall Falling, I experienced a real and palpable show of force by what must have been German military along with Berlin’s police force. Machine guns, jackbooted thugs patrolling, controlling every area within what seemed like 10 blocks of the Brandenburg Gate. For the most part, those officers and their machine guns could not stop a 9/11 style attack. If the show makes you feel better, that’s great. Just know, that bad things do happen and government cannot prevent the bad stuff.

Earthquake in Vancouver Island. Since I know people who live close (closer than I do anyway) and on who is visiting Vancouver proper, earthquake.

Fast and Furious Goes Viral. Or I suppose that’s how the White House might feel about this extension of an investigation into the ATF’s not-so-brilliant plan to sell guns to drug dealer and then track the guns. The investigation of the facts and circumstances now extends into the White House. Tracking items sold to alleged bad guys is a tried and true strategy of law enforcement. Selling these alleged drug gangs operational firearms and attempting to “track” where the arms go seems like a very, very risky proposition. And the plan has stove-piped on the ATF and whoever else thought this was a good idea.


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