Random News: September 6, 2011

Sound sensitivity. Criminal Defense Attorneys. Is that crime or just growing pains? Study Fatigue. Mother Nature. Couponing.

You eat too loudly. Doctors have diagnosed a new hearing disorder. Read here.

Defends client and self. The young attorney must defend herself and her client while taking up the cause of defending the client’s constitutional rights.

Neighborhood fight-or court case? This item from the Athens Banner Herald police blotter caused me to consider is this behavior boys being boys, finding their way in this life or is it criminal behavior?

Science and its tests. This story on a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome study highlights the problems with medical research and the disagreements about the value of research results. The study indicated, per this article, that exercise and therapy can help or at least improve symptoms while another person interviewed said those aren’t enough. Who do you believe? Is it enough that you should try these things to improve your condition?

Don’t mess with Mother Nature. I just love the headline on this story. “Mother Nature has the upper hand…” Until we accept that Mother Nature always has the upper hand, we as humans will continue to struggle.

Coupon Policies. Apparently couponing has become such a craze stories must keep up. Here’s the AJC’s update on coupon policies at local stores.


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