Random News: September 5, 2011

All-American Building. Post office struggling? What to do with the mentally ill? Political Missteps…California debates Mandatory Life Sentences.

Building All-American House Not So Easy. A Montana builder wants to build with only American products. Easier said that done. Here’s his story.

Postal Default. I recognize that email has replaced much of the mail we send. But the postal service still offers a vital service. Some how this necessary government service is close to default. How do that happen?

Mental Illness among Jail Populations. One judge has a great idea for dealing with the Mentally Ill in local jails. Now, to find someone open to the idea AND the money to provide services. Good luck with that!

Wikileaks: Poor choices on line for all to see. An Indian Government official sent an empty private jet to pick up some sandals. Wow!

California Debates “Three Strikes” Law. The items were worth only $20.94. But the theft cost Hove, 45, a life prison sentence recently, when a Riverside County judge ordered him to spend 29 years to life behind bars under California’s three-strikes law.”




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