Yesterday, I succeeded. No gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar. Today, tired and achy, my body feels pretty good.

Somehow, though, my brain remains disconnected from the remainder of my body. I awoke on this cool, wet morning craving a hot breakfast. A breakfast of biscuits and meat (preferably bacon, but my brain is not discerning at this point) made by someone else. Or perhaps brunch with cheese grits and toast at the local vegetarian restuarant.

How is it that my brain and my food cravings are so disconnected from my body. How is it that for at least a decade I poisoned my body with foods that created pain and discomfort? How?

Today marks day two of what feels like a great privation. Mind you, I recognize that for centuries people lived without these foods, but my diet tended to focus on these now known poisons.

Cutting out sugar for a brief period of time had been a challenge. During and after the hives, I did eat refined sugar because it was quick and easy calories when I didn’t feel like eating. Refined sugar is an addiction for me. A crutch. I bemoaned the exclusion of candy corn from my diet last night as I moved quickly through the now formidable Halloween isle to obtain dog food last night.

Gluten exclusion has been ongoing with the exception of Zaxby’s boneless wings about once per week. This must stop. The meal from Zaxby’s isn’t even filling any more. And yet, I would eat it because my brain craved it.

The dairy, chief suspect as culprit which caused the hives, presents a more significant challenge. The foods that maintained me through the gluten privation, pizza and potato skins, must be avoided to test the theory. My default calls for take out must be changed.

Instead of a steaming hot gluten and dairy filled breakfast, I made the smoothie. Filling and full of vitamins and minerals, I still crave the hot breakfast, but alas I am full and unable to eat more. My brain hasn’t given up though.

Thus, I seek a way to retrain my brain quickly. Though, no one seems to have a magic pill or miraculous trick. I’m told it takes 21 days to create a habit, or retrain a brain. Here’s hoping the next 20 days go smoothly. I’m finding different options for take out. Creating new defaults for food options. Only 19 1/2 days to go.



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4 responses to “Disconnect

  1. Allison

    Have you tried Bob’s Red Mill GF oatmeal? It’s what I have on hand when I need a quick, microwavable warm breakfast. Great with blueberries that get oozy & bleed blue or bananas and natural peanut butter.
    I’m sorry it’s a struggle right now. Would you believe me if I told you it gets better?

  2. salmonandgrits

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    It does help to know it gets better. The hives really threw everything off. I was feeling like a different person. Like a switch in my brain flipped on for the first time. That feeling has sustained me.
    Yes, I believe it gets better. Trying to control the brain, retrain it, can be exhausting. But you know that.
    Thank you.

  3. Karen Ferrell-White

    Try goat cheese and other goat milk products; from reading the articles for the magazine, and from the things Sally has said (and cooked), goat milk products don’t seem to result in the same problems. I don’t know how much you are in contact with her, but she would be a GREAT resource. She has more food problems than just simply gluten, as well, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind helping you out!

  4. salmonandgrits

    Sally has been a great help.
    The problem, right now, is in my brain. The process of learning what not to eat, what subsets of foods I can’t eat, and making sure I have something readily available. But ultimately, the change comes down to the choices I make each moment. The acceptance that I should not eat these things is a difficult adjustment.
    Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

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