Random News: September 4, 2011

Dope in School. “You’re fired.” The Brain. Travel Warning. Trials and tribulations. Music from Laurie. Good Eats, signing off. Recipe for Successful students.

Hazards of Outsourcing. Kids at a Harris County School tipped off police that janitors were selling drugs out of the school. The school system hired these particular employees through a janitorial service. Perhaps local control would be better.

Unauthorized Contact? Apparently fooling around on the hood of your government patrol car will get you fired.

Book Review: Willpower. This book sounds interesting.

Dilemma. This former patron of the DeKalb Public Library is facing the dilemma faced by people everyday. Court repeated disrupts their lives. But they want a jury trial and that takes time. Did she commit a crime? That’ll be up to a jury. Please don’t think that she’s the only person who faces a decision like this one.

Hugh Laurie: Interview and New Orleans Blues Album. The NYTimes Magazine profile of Hugh Laurie promoting the release of his new album. NPR’s Music Blog and their take on Laurie.

Decision Fatigue. Just read this. I first experienced decision fatigue in law school. Beware.

Bye, Bye. Good Eats. Must say that I’ve learned a lot from Alton Brown’s Good Eats. He’s filming the last of the series. Can’t say that I learned everything I know about cooking from Alton, I grew up in the South and my family can cook and bake. But I did learn a healthy appreciation for looking beyond the bounds of conventional cooking “rules.” For that, I am incredibly grateful. Thank you , Alton.

Disturbing News on Strokes. The occurrence of strokes in younger Americans is on the rise. Not good.

Travel Warning. So rare recently is the travel warning in the U.S. that one might miss this alert: Al Qaeda and small planes warning as we near the anniversary of 9/11. Not sure what we as regular citizens can do to prevent the occurrence of such attacks until we’re involved. But, now you’ve been warned and you will be looking at small planes in the sky wondering who’s flying the planes.

(Not so) Shocking Education Recommendation. Children do better in school when their parents are involved in the education process. In my experience when parents work with the school, instead of treating the school like day care or fighting the school, the child benefits.


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