Random News: September 3, 2011

Airline Dress Code? College Football, anyone! Police tactics. NYPD crime blotter during Irene. A College Prof with Meth Hobby. Hazards of Food in the Office. Mars photos.

Just say no to crack? Apparently Southwest Airlines has imposed a dress code on flyers.

They have a football team? My other alma mater won their season opener. In this their sophomore season, Georgia State University -GSU has new opportunity. As I discussed the South’s college football obsession with a Northern transplant (where they apply slavish loyalty to pro teams) we’ve been playing college football about as long as college football existed. The pro teams haven’t been a century so, we just don’t care that much. That being said, GSU will have a zealous following perhaps in few decades…

Stop-and-Frisk. A federal judge in New York is permitting a lawsuit to go forward which will evaluate the constitutionality of the “stop-and-frisk” policy of the NYPD. This policy is not exclusive to the NYPD. In the wrong hands, this policy errodes the civil rights and civil liberties of everyone, not just minorities.

Weather’s impact on Crime. Thank you, Irene. The NYTimes provides this report of crime during the worst of Irene’s wrath. Of note, a 90% crime reduction during that period of time as compared with the previous year.

College Professor as Gang Leader? I just find this whole story intriguing: by day he’s a college professor, by night he a motorcycle gang leader distributing meth. That story has potential.

Grazing at the Office. Apparently, someone brought pot brownies to the office….And coworkers suffered the consequences….if you call them consequences. Here’s the BBC report.

Pesky NCAA. As a UGA fan, I cringe at the idea of the NCAA “reviewing” anyone. But, today we’ll take whatever advantage UGA can get against Boise. UGA played 4 games without A.J. Green last year while the NCAA “reviewed” his status. Sorry, Boise, you’ll just have to live with it. Know that we understand and it sucks for you.

Mars, up close and personal. LA Times reporting European Space Agency’s photos of Mars. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) says just you wait, we can do better. Still, very cool.


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