Random News: August 27, 2011

Football; Persuasion and Argument; and Vin Scully. Manners? 115th Birthdays.

LSU is not immune. SEC Football fans discovered a monkey wrench in this wagers for the season on Friday. LSU’s quarterback and others were arrested. Being a UGA fan, I have great empathy for LSU fans in this matter. The results of the case, if positive for the player and the team, NEVER seem to match the vigor with which the arrests and/or suspensions are reported.

Persuasion Argument. In this day and age where insulting and invective arguments have supplanted persuasive argument and discussion among opponents, John Lewis penned a beautiful example of a persuasive argument in the New York Times today. While I generally disagree with Lewis on much of the argument, Lewis points to the problems, the barriers created by the problems and why he opposes the voter i.d. policies. He doesnot call names or point fingers. He makes his argument. My response would be that the days of the voter registrar knowing all the voters is gone. The rights, I believe, of all individuals are better preserved by the dead not voting without first presenting an identifying document and reducing the ability of individuals to vote multiple times. As our political landscape slides down the slippery slope of extremist partisan political groups, these rights need to be insured on both sides of the argument. Identifying documentation can ease the voter fraud that accompanies extremist politics.

Cornell West’s Take on Dr. King’s Vision Today. “King weeps from his grave. He never confused substance with symbolism. He never conflated a flesh and blood sacrifice with a stone and mortar edifice. We rightly celebrate his substance and sacrifice because he loved us all so deeply. Let us not remain satisfied with symbolism because we too often fear the challenge he embraced. Our greatest writer, Herman Melville, who spent his life in love with America even as he was our most fierce critic of the myth of American exceptionalism, noted, ‘Truth uncompromisingly told will always have its ragged edges; hence the conclusion of such a narration is apt to be less finished than an architectural finial.'” Read all of West’s Op-Ed from the New York Times today.

Vin Scully Returning for Dodgers. I remember Vin Scully calling Saturday baseball on NBC as a child. Glad to hear the Dodgers have the good sense to bring back a voice of baseball.

What? A preacher did what? After standing up and functioning as spokesman for the family of a 92 year old woman killed when Atlanta Police executed a bad (read-illegal) search warrant, this preacher is suing the family for 10% of the settlement between the family and APD/Atlanta. Really? If you’re a professional spokesman, you should know enough to have a contract. If you’re not and you’re working out of the kindness of your heart, then what are you doing?

Happy Birthday Besse! How do you celebrate a 115 years on earth? Ask Besse Cooper. She’s the oldest person on earth, at least as far as anyone knows.








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