Random News: August 21, 2011

Standing up to preserve rights is a theme today.

The man who cornered Hitler early. Hans Litten stood up for the little guy before Hitler obtained a stranglehold on the German government. He suffered for it later. Interesting read.

We still have rights in the U.S. don’t we? Yes. We do. Thank God for Geoffrey Archer. And be thankful he found an attorney who would help him right this wrong! Archer won a civil rights lawsuit against the Lumpkin County Georgia Sheriff’s Office. The illegal search of his home and property and the arrest based on that illegal search were thrown out. The Sheriff, a former GBI agent, according to the report used a credit card to enter the home without a search warrant. Really?

Sadly, individuals are targeted by law enforcement more often than you would care to think. When targeted, the individuals refuse to to take a stand against the targeting for fear of retaliation. Proving that targeting to overcome criminal charges is difficult enough. Mr. Archer won punitive damages in his civil case. Congratulations! (And thank you, Matthew Karzen, for standing and representing him.)

Age discrimination and modesty. 61 year old lifeguard fired for failing to meet swimwear requirement. No, he could pass the test, he just chose to wear swim trunks that better suited his age. What’s wrong with that? Guess we’ll find out. His lawsuit will be winding it’s way through the courts.

A Prank Gone Wrong. Br’er Rabbit Loses Ear. Teenagers in Putnam County, Georgia, thought it would be fun to steal the statute of Br’er Rabbit from outside his museum. Boy, did that underestimate that Br’er Rabbit. Of course, our wily rabbit friend is accustomed to that. Ultimately, Br’er Rabbit was rescued and his captors arrested.

Subtle Marker Placement for Silent Source. A marker has been placed in the spot where Woodward and Bernstein met with “Deep Throat.”










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