Abdication of Responsibility

Dear Congress:

If you fail to act, you are choosing yourselves over your constituents. If you fail to make a choice to benefit voters and tax payers, you are abdicating your responsibility to guide this country.

Set aside your agendas, set aside your egos. You stand on the precipice of a tremendous decision. But failure to decide for whatever reason is a decision. Failure to reach an agreement, to find middle ground, will torpedo the already struggling economy.

While you sit in your fancy offices and argue over line items, understand that those of us on the outside looking into the beltway do not like what we see. We see men and women that we trusted with the future of this country paralyzed by the fear of decision making and governing.

Instead of statesmen & stateswomen choosing well and making the decision you are each pontificating and posturing to cover your fear with mindless speech. You fear that you will choose poorly and it will be held against you by voters.

Guess what?!? Your failure to choose is a decision and a vote for yourself and against your constituents. You best hope they don’t remember that!

Get off your asses and fix this, NOW.


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