Assembly Required

This journey toward feeling better will no doubt present many new challenges. The one I’ve noticed over the last two days can be summed up in two words: assembly required. The Schwarzbein Principle II, the book and diet recommended by my doctor, is one of the most shocking diet books I’ve read.

The diet plan designed for everyone divides people four profiles and endorses natural foods and forbids processed foods. One portion of the diet, for folks who have mistreated their bodies with stress, processed foods with other poor eating habits and lack of exercise to the point that they are insulin resistant and have blown out adrenal glands, tells the reader: you will likely gain weight while learning to eat better and nourish your body. Shocking! No wonder I’ve this diet hasn’t become a fad. Again, as with my doctor’s prescription, this diet could take years.

While there are many other aspects of this diet or life change I could explore, natural, non-processed food presents today’s challenge. You think, “of course, that sounds great.” Putting that into practice creates a significant challenge for someone who is accustomed to eating some meals or parts of a meal from a plastic container, ready made. Even yogurt is forbidden because of the sugar content.

What does this mean to me? I must assemble each meal from ingredients into the healthy, life sustaining and restoring fuel. Three times a day. I’ve cut up vegetables for readily available snacks.

Cooking three meals a day is time consuming. Not only must the meal be assembled, not always requiring an oven or store, but then there’s the clean up which I dislike.

Then there’s a need for creativity. Eating the same foods repeatedly will cause boredom and create a situation where I will stray from my path. Today, I plan to grill squash on the Foreman grill. For me, that’s innovative.

Although I must say, the time spent cooking is time on my feet moving around the kitchen. Also, the continuous planning and researching what to eat and how to be creative with the foods available to me provides further brain reprogramming. Sneaky how changing my eating habits, making me plan and assemble meals, may be changing more than my food intake.


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