Hype’s Double Edged Sword

Yesterday, news outlets reported that Casey Anthony’s attorney was actively engaged in negotiations for “pay to play” interviews with Anthony and the networks. Initially disgusted, I ignored the story. The report continued to nag at me. Why should she profit from the death of her child?

Regardless of the verdict, most people believe she caused her daughter’s death. Why would anyone pay her? Usually, acquittals go unnoticed by the general population of the world. Why her?

Then, I remembered. Nancy Grace made Casey Anthony famous. In building up her own television show, Grace used the Anthonys’ story to pump up her ratings. Without regard for the effects her style of analysis and punditry would have on the viewing public, Grace created the feeding frenzy around Anthony-case information.

And now, those media-frenzied chickens have come home to the media to roost. Casey Anthony will win her golden parachute, all thanks to Nancy Grace.

What an ironic twist of fate. Had this missing and murdered child been relegated to less news reporting after the initial reports instead of the lead splashy headline every night for months, Casey Anthony would not be shopping for a million dollar media deal.

Thanks to Nancy Grace and the other over hyped, over blown media this particular mother  has the opportunity to profit from her child’s death. Their splashy headlines, newsy tidbits, and general vitriol created a media monster.

Perhaps she’ll neglect to pay the IRS. The government might give her the Al Capone treatment. Ms. Grace, you could cover the scintillating tax trial. Boy, that’ll boost ratings. Snooze.

Regardless, one hopes the media will learn a lesson from this case. Foolish to think though, since they didn’t learn anything from O.J.’s trial and Anthony’s case was merely a repeat on a much larger media base.


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