July 20, 2011: Random News

Georgia’s Death Penalty Controversy Continues, Randy Quaid dodges arrest, fashionable perp walk. In non-court related news, new Harvard weight-loss study with significant diet research.

Death Penalty Debate Rages On. As the drugs used for execution shift and change, the impact and “humaneness” of the acts is subject under increased scrutiny. I understand that Judge Tipton Lane wants to be able to review the process, nothing good can come from a video recording of the death chamber process. Digital media proliferates too quickly and is inherently uncontrollable int he wrong hands. I hope Judge Tipton Lane can control this media. Otherwise, we will return to the days of public hangings.

Sleep and dash? Randy Quaid and his wife are now officially on the lam. Currently, they are in Canada. No Christmas Vacation reunion movie in his future.

Court dates are important. If you’re dodging the police, be careful who you trust. One woman was arrested in her weeding dress for failing to appear in court. Boy, that jail probably wasn’t her favorite honeymoon suite. Proving a case may present challenges but finding people and using human information sources to find folks is a whole lot easier.

Budget cuts delay court appearances. How do the budget cut affect justice? People sit in jail longer. Why should you care? The longer a minor scofflaw spends in jail, the more food, amenities and supervision is required. Instead of funding the smooth justice system, the public spends more money on necessities. When will government discover the wisdom of a fully funded justice system.

Careful who you hire…This article highlights something I’d never thought about who is your locksmith?

When the facts and rules are against you attack the investigators. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is attacking the Congressional committee staff who investigated her corruption charges. What will come of this I wonder.

New Weightloss Advice. “The beauty of the new study is its ability to show, based on real-life experience, how small changes in eating, exercise and other habits can result in large changes in body weight over the years.” Further, “The foods that contributed to the greatest weight gain were not surprising. French fries led the list: Increased consumption of this food alone was linked to an average weight gain of 3.4 pounds in each four-year period. Other important contributors were potato chips (1.7 pounds), sugar-sweetened drinks (1 pound), red meats and processed meats (0.95 and 0.93 pound, respectively), other forms of potatoes (0.57 pound), sweets and desserts (0.41 pound), refined grains (0.39 pound), other fried foods (0.32 pound), 100-percent fruit juice (0.31 pound) and butter (0.3 pound).”


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