Patience, Food Patience That Is

Last night, I enjoyed a very ripe, very delectable plum for dessert. The juicy plum required some effort. I needed to wash it off. I chose to cut it so that I could see and eat around the pit.

As I savored the flavor, my thoughts ran to the other foods I might have been eating as “dessert” chocolate or ice cream or popcorn. Foods that I tend to wolf down in a great hurry. The plum would not be rushed. The fibrous meat of the plum required attention and work. The outer covering actually required chewing. No, this plum did not disintegrate immediately upon encountering the mouth.

On some level, my brain wanted to be done eating. The thought occurred that this was taking too long. Are we conditioned to the devouring of food? Is that the problem? Do we avoid natural foods because they require us to spend more time eating, savoring and enjoying out meals? Or is it that we just don’t contemplate what we are eating?

Kiwis served as my breakfast this week. They appeared in our produce bin last week and I’ve only just eaten them not in any other preparation. But not without careful consideration and a conscious decision. This food requires peeling and then cutting. Not nearly as easy as opening a yogurt cup or dumping cereal and milk into a bowl.

After the first morning, I looked up the nutrient information for the kiwi. Natural fat, protein, dietary fiber, calories and vitamin C: why would I eat something out of a box when nature provides all the necessary elements for good start for the day?

Perhaps a change in perspective would improve our eating habits. Compare the nutrients in your average morning breakfast with say an apple or a banana or some other natural breakfast. How would that change your day?


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