Random News: July 9, 2011

Insurance cheats. Arguments against budget cuts. Lying police officers. Systemic test fixing. Wow! A look, apparently at what’s wrong with our society.

Discounts on luxury car insurance? Sure. Apparently, the rich have more shifty insurance agents. Register your luxury vehicle as farm equipment. Yes. That’s right.

Insight into Addressing Social Problems could be cut. David Brooks succinctly addresses the issue with improving society, how what we’ve done hasn’t work and why cutting the research budget in behavioral psychology will hamper future efforts. Real change may be cut.

Challenging the Police. Two years, one lawsuit, and threat from a Federal judge, that’s what it took to address major issues in the Atlanta Police Department. Funny, the police picked on a group of people with disposable income and who will unite to fight wrong. Not all police officers are bad. But these folks trampled the Constitution.

Federal Education Policy Encourages Cheats. Guess what? The Atlanta Schools employed a systematic policy of cheating on tests. The cheating was not isolated to a couple of teachers or even a couple of schools. Geez! Somebody wake up and figure out that testing these kids isn’t the best measure.


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