Random News: July 4, 2011

Interesting stories from around…

Worth reading today. All Americans should read this document at least once a year. The Declaration of Independence marked the beginning of the our experimental government. Our Great Republic has seen good days and bad days but the thoughts and sentiments in the Declaration have endured. Take a few minutes to read this.

Exploring the Founding Fathers. This op-ed explores the opinions of our Founding Fathers.

Truth of Ellis Island. On this Independence Day, a story of the truth Ellis Island, not the white-washed flag waving story. I find more comfort in the truth.

Choosing to Serve. A look at who chooses to serve our county and protect the Government the Founders fought so hard to obtain.

Our experiment at Work, or not. Minnesota government shutdown on Friday, July 1. Instead of battles over control, we have civil governments and protests are peaceful. Shouldn’t we be thankful for this?

Independence in Jail? We want porn! Convicted armed robber wants porn in jail. Claims a constitutional right. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of this great country. The Court will determine this case. What do you think?


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