Change Your Food Attitude

As I sat watching the BBC news this morning and reading news updates, I was struck by the lack of planning and thought we Americans put into our eating choices. The LA Times features an op-ed on Michelle Obama’s common sense approach to childhood obesity. God bless her! She is absolutely right.

Should there be a sin tax on junk food as suggested by the opinionator? No. I would suggest what Georgia has though, reduced tax on most non-processed foods. Foods that have be prepared along with the list of foods covered by food stamps, those foods are taxed at a lower rate. Talk about saving money at the grocery store!

I finished reading about the First Lady’s program as an ad for Prevattack or one of those anti-stomach acid pills appeared showing a woman drinking her coffee, eating a burrito at her desk, and then suffering heartburn.

Why is this ad troubling? Marketers have identified and targeted two of our major weaknesses, lack of planning and lack of self-awareness. If the character in the add, presumably an “every man or woman” character, had planned ahead or at least considered the DIRECT effects of what she was putting into her body, she would not need to spend the extra money on the pills to resolve her problem, she would not feel like crap while at work and, generally, she might enjoy life more.

Here’s my pitch, pay attention to your body.

Yes, I eat pizza and potato skins and pretty much anything gluten free (and refined sugar free) that smells good unless my body tells me not to. I have to take one of these silly pills every morning for a stomach condition the result of generally treating my body poorly for 34 years and maybe some genetics. I stopped eating the foods that caused me the most problems, the foods that kept me up at night. If I find one, I make a note to stop eating it or eating at different point during the day. If I choose to eat the food, I am aware of the resulting impact on my body and my day.

A pill will not solve your problems. A doctor cannot prescribe your bad choices away. You must choose between taking care of yourself by being aware of what you put into your body and the seemingly indulgent pleasure followed by pain, suffering or at least increase weight/cholesterol/blood pressure.

No magic pill can fix that.



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