Random News: June 18, 2011

What you might have missed…

Problems with the Original Innocence Project. David Protess, an investigative reporter whose investigations have lead to life changing legal actions, is now in trouble. Regardless of the other matters, the man altered an email, years later, “to reflect” what he remembered the practice to be instead of releasing the email as is. Protess should know better. And yet, he doesn’t seem to. The Innocence Project does good and necessary work. Perhaps Mr. Protess’ arrogance will not diminish that work.

U.S. in Peace Talks with Taliban? Karzai reports to BBC U.S. is negotiating the Taliban. Huh?

Things I take for Granted. Women in Saudia Arabia are driving in protest of a law forbidding their driving. What the heck?

More on the impact of arrests. This article focuses on the impact of misdemeanor marijuana arrests, but the impacts extend well beyond these charges.  People who are arrested on charges which are ultimately dismissed still suffer the consequences of lost employment and repeated court appearances. Should we reconsider how we approach law enforcement of misdemeanors?

Pesticides in Organic Food? Yep. Apparently, it’s ok. Just read.

Weather is Worse, Let’s Defund the Weather Satellites. In case you haven’t heard, funding for the weather satellites that now track dangerous storms and help save lives is on the chopping block. On what planet is that ok? Should not be ok here, that’s for sure.

Parents Influence Teenagers Drinking.  “Children who see their parents drunk are twice as likely to regularly get drunk themselves, a survey of young teenagers has suggested.” Ya know this might extend to drug use. Wow! What a concept!

Changes in Immigration Enforcement to Protect Victims & Witnesses. “U.S. Homeland Security officials announced Friday that the department had issued new guidelines in an effort to stop immigration officers from deporting people who were arrested while reporting a crime, or who were witnesses in a potential criminal investigation or trial.”












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